How to Change the Serpentine Belt for a F150

    • 1). Park the Ford F-150 on a smooth, level and clear surface and open the hood.

    • 2). Remove the cooling fan stator. This is only for 6.0 L engines. Remove the cooling fan mounting bolts. This can be done with the socket wrench set. Remove the four stator mounting bolts with the socket and then remove the stator. Proceed to Step 6.

    • 3). Remove the upper radiator hose. This step is only for 7.3 L engines. Place the drain pan under the radiator hose and remove the hose clamp with the screwdriver. Pull the radiator hose off of the radiator. Proceed to Step 6.

    • 4). Remove the air duct. This is for 5.4 L and 6.8 L engines only. The air duct is attached to the air cleaner assembly and can be removed with the socket wrench set. Proceed to Step 6.

    • 5). Remove the fan assembly. This is for 4.6 L engines only. Removing the fan assembly with the special Ford fan tools. After the the fan assembly is removed, move it over the shroud, away from the engine.

    • 6). Remove the serpentine belt. To remove the serpentine belt, release the tension on the belt with the tensioner pulley. Put the tensioner bar or the socket wrench with the breaker bar on the tensioner pulley and pull to relieve tension. The belt will then slip off.

    • 7). Install the new belt. The new belt will fit in right where the old one was and you have to use the tensioner pulley to put it on completely. Reattach any components that you removed.

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