How To Reach Dalian and Dalian Tourism

Dalian tourism is world's one of the most popular and desired tourism industry. Dalian tourism serves you a tour all over the city of Dalian and is preferred by people, more than any other industry. This tourism is even more popular because of the transport system here, which connects almost every nook and corner and even around the city.

One of the most important transportation medium out here in Dalia is by flights. To support this mode of transport, the most preferred air service is provided by Dalian International Airport. This airport is situated at about a distance of 10 km or approximately 6 miles from the Dalian city. Not only this, there are almost 30 air routes that establishes connection between Dalian and cities in its neighbourhood and also other countries and its cities all over the world. You will get 24 hours of service of taxi outside the Dalian airport. Not only this but you get private as well as public buses numbered 710, 701 and 532 taking passengers from airport to their respective destination. Not only is this, but the booking of air ticket also poses to be a very easy procedure here with several hubs where tickets can be booked including the airport and many hotels. This was just a part of the whole scenario of facilities that is available in Dalian Airport.

The Dalian Railway service also goes at par with the Air Service. The popular Dalian Railway Station is located at about a distance of 10 km from the Dalian Airport. There are trains which connect almost every neighbouring cities of Dalian in China. Some of the major intercity trains are Daian to Beijing, Harbin, Shenyang and Changchun. These air-conditioned trains prove to be highly efficient for the comfort and convenience of tourists. There are express trains too like Jinshitan Express and Evening Express which connects Liaoning and Shenyang. Tickets for trains are also available easily at airports as well as in some hotels.

Sometimes, people who consider themselves as adventurous and wants to experience travelling in ships, here there is a well-developed transport network of water. There are several ports, of which Passenger Port is one of them, which connects several docks in various cities like Yantai, Tiajin, Changhai County, Korea, Weihai, Penglai, Incheon and many more. Most of these docks have an additional facility of shuttle buses, which would take you to the docks from Waiting Hall. Another very important point to be noted is that, some of these ships transport cars too from one dock to another. So, after arriving at docks, you can travel independently with your car all over the city.

Not only this, but there are also facilities of long distance buses which run all over the highways to cover the region of Peninsular. Thus, establishing connections all over the city of Dalian as well as the major neighbouring cities surrounding it. To make the connections even more helpful, there are about five bus stations within the city.
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