How to Make More Money at Work

What drives people to leave their employers? Get good grades and get a good job.
That's what I was told to do when I was at school and I am sure that for most people they are told the same too or the number of people in entrepreneurship would be higher.
If we focus on getting jobs as a solution, why is it that it seems so difficult for people to find the right job? Maybe we focus on getting a job to solve our financial problems by saying things like "I just need a job, any job!" and then once we get it we realize that we should have got a better job after all.
If we are going to get a job maybe there are two things we should focus on; 1) Getting the right job; 2) Helping our employer (after all they are paying for our time) I recently read a survey from the April edition of the In Sights Magazinein The Philippines which compared reasons for people leaving their jobs.
The results were as follows: Global 1 Stress levels 2 Base Pay 3 Promotion Opportunities Asia Pacific Stress Levels Base Pay Promotion Opportunities Philippines Base Pay Stress Levels Promotion Opportunities Now compare these with the number 1 reason for joining according to the same survey: Global Nature of work Asia Pacific Nature of Work Philippines Base Pay I found it interesting that the reasonfor leaving their jobs in the Philippines according to this survey is the same reason for joining.
This is of interest to me becase I live in the Philippines.
It almost looks as if they didn't ask what the salary was! What I find interesting about this is that we live in a country where money is a major focus of the population.
The Philippines is considered to be a third world country where a huge population live in poverty and work for money, but it would appear that the earning goals are not being met.
Maybe too much focus is being put on the money.
They start jobs for it and leave the same jobs for it because there is not enough.
Maybe instead focusing on better quality service would be a better idea.
I read a quotation which states: A man is paid in direct proportion to the service he renders mankind.
Food for thought maybe.
Increase our service and increase our earnings.
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