Election Bulletin Board Ideas


    My Vote Goes To...

    • Allow students to make their voices heard by creating a "My Vote Goes To..." bulletin board. Place a patriotic printed fabric, or red, write or blue bulletin board paper, on the board. Then create sections in which students can cast their votes for candidates and issues. For each ballot initiative, create a T-chart, with "Yes" on one side and "No" on the other. Provide each student with flag cutouts, or another patriotic symbol, with his name on them. Allow the students to take turns placing their flags in the appropriate columns, indicating where their vote would go if they were a member of the electorate.

    Where They Stand

    • Explore candidates' positions on issues of interest with this interactive bulletin board. Set up your bulletin board by placing two presidential, gubernatorial or mayoral candidates at the top of the board. Brainstorm with students to come up with a list of issues on which each candidate has likely taken a stance. After creating an extensive list, pair students up and assign each pair an issue to explore. Ask the pair of students to search the Internet or print media to discover each candidate's position on their assigned issue. Once pairs have uncovered the candidates' positions, ask them to create a poster explaining each politician's stance. Display these student-created posters on the prepared bulletin board to allow all students to see how each politician views an array of sensitive issues.

    My Platform

    • Students can be anything they want to be--even a politician. Use the upcoming election as an opportunity to allow students to exercise their political aspirations. Discuss the concept of political platforms with your students, exploring the platforms of the candidates in the current election. As you finish your exploration, ask students to consider what their platform would include. Ask each student to pretend that they are a candidate and create an advertisement that explains why they should be selected as the next president, governor or mayor. Display students' ads on a "My Platform" bulletin board. Allow students to peruse the ads created by their classmates, and hold a class election in which students vote for the best candidate from their class.

    Should be on the Ballot

    • Each election season, an array of issues make their way onto the ballot. After exploring some of the issues that voters will consider during the current election, ask students which issues they feel deserve a place on the ballot. Ask each student to create a ballot initiative. Decorate a classroom bulletin board with stars and stripes, and place the student-created ballot issues on the board. On election day, allow students to vote on the issues created by their classmates.

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