How to Create a Theurge for a Werewolf Game

    • 1). Download a "Werewolf Revised Character sheet" (see Resources). Print out the sheet and begin filling it out in pencil. Your name should go where it says "player" and the name of your character goes where it says "Character."

    • 2). Fill out "Breed" by choosing either "Homid" (born to humans), "Lupus" (born to wolves) or "Metis" (born of two werewolves). Your "Auspice" will be "Theurge," which means your character was born under a crescent moon. For "tribe" select one of the 12 tribes from page 68 of the book. Some examples include "Silver Fangs" (traditionalists), "Silent Striders" (story tellers) and "Glasswalkers" (city werewolves).

    • 3). Go to the next section and rate your "Attributes" (Mental, Physical, Social) from 1 to 3, starting with the most important. Put seven dots into your primary attribute. For example, Theurges can be social in nature to better commune with the spirits, so they would put the dots between "Charisma," "Manipulation" and "Appearance."

    • 4). Put five dots into your secondary attribute. For "mental" this is "intelligence," "perception" and "wits." Finally, put three dots in your least important category: for Physical this is "Strength," Dexterity" and "Stamina."

    • 5). Do the same thing for the next category, "Abilities," but this time you will rate "Talents," "Skills" and "Knowledges." Put 13 dots in your primary category, nine in your secondary category and five in your last category. Theurges may favor "Knowledges" since it allows them to use "rituals" and "occult" (knowledge of the supernatural).

    • 6). Move on to "Advantages" next. Fill in five dots of "Backgrounds." This could include "Resources" (character's income), "allies" (the number and strength of his friends) and "contacts" (those she can count on for information). Choose three gifts, one from Breed, one from Auspice, and one from tribe. Your choice from the auspice gifts are "Mother's Touch," "Sense Wyrm" and "Spirit Speech." The other options gifts for breed and tribe are on page 100 in the book.

    • 7). Fill in three dots of "Wisdom" in the "Renown" section. Fill in two dots in "Rage" (power from anger). These indicate your power as a Theurge. Follow the instructions on page 100 for filling out "Willpower" and "Gnosis" (spiritual power), depending on your tribe and breed. For example, a Metis will start with three Gnosis, and a Red Talon will have three willpower.

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