Modern Man - Conversation Starters to Meet Women

One of the good conversation starters to meet women is to tell them they look familiar.
Next ask her if you met at Tony's Poetry Night or some other interesting topic.
You can use a line that refers to an unusual outing.
Such as "I think I remember you from Bob's Halloween spider eating contest.
" This will get her attention and you can further explain that the spiders were fake candy of some sort.
You are sure to get a laugh or two and the two of you can carry on a conversation from there.
Another one of the good conversation starters is to tell her she looks like one of "Mary's" friends that you saw her with.
Once she explains that she is not Mary's friend, you can tell her you wish she was.
Talk further and you may ask her if she would like to meet for coffee sometime.
If you are at a restaurant and the waitress catches your eye and you would like to ask her out on a date, ask her what some of her favorites on the menu are.
She will give you the information.
This will give you ammunition to ask her out on a date at the end of the meal.
If you had spaghetti for dinner, you will know she likes Italian food.
You can tell her the food was excellent and that she gave you a wonderful choice.
Next, tell her you would like to take her to an Italian restaurant to try some of the best pasta.
Also, that the two of you can compare it with the meal you just ate.
Romantic conversation starters include telling the truth or making up information on food.
You can ask her the question, "Did you hear that peppers can boost your sex drive?" If you know the facts, you can have a long conversation on this subject.
Maybe she knows some facts, too, and will share them with you.
If she catches you fibbing just give her a smirk and tell her you would like to take her out to dinner and the two of you can test the food to see who is right.
Another one of the romantic conversation starters is to ask the woman what movie made her really "feel" because it was so moving.
When she talks about a particular part of the movie and a male role is in it, you can tell her you would do the same for her.
Women love romance so her favorite scene is almost always a definite to involve a romantic part with a man and woman.
A man that risks his life for a woman is pure love to her thinking.
Good conversation starters include lines that can be taken to extend the conversation.
You need to ask a question that will require more than a yes or a no.
Romantic conversation starters can be anything from flirty to showing you have a romantic side and a romantic way with words.
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