How to Wire a Sony CDX-L410X

    • 1). Purchase a wiring harness. The simplest way to connect this Sony unit is to buy a wiring harness for the unit and vehicle. The harness acts as a bridge between the vehicle's unique wire configuration and Sony unit. This makes the job much easier and eliminates room for error. Without the harness, the installer would need to splice the wires from the unit into the car's wiring system. Wiring harnesses can be purchased from most mobile stereo stores for less than $10.

    • 2). Connect the harness. Plug one end of the harness into the Sony head-unit's wire clip. Plug the other end of harness into the vehicle's wire clip.

    • 3). Plug the car's antenna into the "Antenna Input" port on the Sony unit.

    • 4). Connect the blue and white striped "Amp Rem" wire to the amplifier's "Remote Turn On" switch.

    • 5). Connect any external RCA cables, that would go to an amplifier to the RCA "Rear Audio" out ports on the unit.

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