How to Tell How Much Money ChaCha Guides Makes

    • 1). While you are going ChaCha crazy, making as many points as possible in the Universe, you deserve to have an idea as to how much money your points will be worth. First, you'll need to know how many points you have. Find this in the ChaCha Universe Dashboard.

    • 2). Once you've seen how many points you have, try to maintain a decent ratio such as 2:2 with your guide points. You may soon realize that these turn into more cash than you had previously thought when the end of the month rolls around.

    • 3). After the end of the month is over and you've collected up your ChaCha cash, you may decide to use simple division to see exactly how much those points gathered. This method only works sometimes though, as point division only counts if the ratio is well balanced out.

    • 4). If you have your point score figured out now, try seeing how much others are making on ChaCha and ask them if the point division method is working for them in order to check their balance! Good luck!

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