Fun Things to Do Online When You Are Bored

What are some fun things to do online when you are bored? The Internet offers several different activities.
This goes beyond the obvious, such as visiting chat rooms, watching videos or reading Facebook profiles.
You can also make money or run wild with adventure.
Look to the sections below for a better understanding, as I have listed several things I like to do when I get bored online.
Take a Virtual Tour of the World Have you ever wanted to experience virtual tourism of Singapore or another country in Asia? Or maybe you want to see medieval castles in Finland.
Whatever your desire is, Google Earth can accommodate you.
This is a program that takes satellite photos of various places in the world.
These photos are distributed through a virtual platform.
To view the images in 3D, you must use Google Earth's Street Map view.
This is done by selecting "Street View" from the Earth Gallery section.
After that, you must click on the camera icon to navigate through the area.
Make Money Fiverr is one network that allows you to make money doing fun, silly things.
Basically, you put out an ad talking about what you would do for 5 dollars.
And, as long as you are not advertising something dirty or illegal, the sky is the limit to what you can do.
The most popular ads usually have people writing short stories, drawing illustrations or posting advertisements on their Facebook profiles.
Wilder ones could involve someone singing or pretending to be your girlfriend for the day.
Read Books Online Believe it or not, Google Books is one resource that offers many fun things to do online.
In this case online books are the "things," as each one expands your mind in a different way.
I myself like to use the site to research free online romance stories.
You can do the same by selecting "Full View" and conducting a search on any title or keyword of interest.
Online Gaming Modern technology has allowed all types of games on the Internet.
My personal favorites are free online adventure games, where you can tour virtual worlds and chat with fellow players.
But if you prefer something simpler, you can always play Flash games.
These are highly graphical browser-based games that usually operate on one basic premise.
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