Drop Shipping Products Sourcing Solution

They all want to take advantage of you! However that is what it feels like at times and that is how I feel when I made the decision that things were going to get hard with the economy and I had to work for more money.
I was told (I had the some of same experience) all about people earning money online especially on eBay and I decided this would fit in nicely with my lifestyle if I could source great stuff to sell.
I wasn't interested in importing products in bulk and then having to store them so I determined that locating drop shipping products would be a fantastic and effortless method to begin my enterprise.
I had difficulty locating drop shipping suppliers, and that almost ended my plan before it began.
We found lots of for sale and pay per view lists in the advertisements; however, we soon learned that we were wasting our time with these.
Some of the people stopped trading and some did not come through with the goods that were listed or do any of the drop shipping they were supposed to.
So, with my money lost and nothing gained I attempted contacting some firms in China directly, however they mostly handled big shipments and I was getting cold feet with rumors of frauds (especially electronic goods) and accounts of incorrect goods being delivered or no delivery at all.
I was ready to abandon my efforts after 4 weeks of effort as I was both irritated and upset by the number of fraudsters who wanted to rip me off.
So that was that and I left it all to one side and carried on with my laborious day job as before.
I checked out another websiteseveral weeks later after reading a post on a forum about a company who providesd a database of drop shipping product suppliers that are pre-screened.
I have to say at this point due to my experience I was very pessimistic I'd actually find anything here worth while but the more I read and looked into them the more I was impressed.
Still not thoroughly convinced though I emailed a couple of people who had posted about the company to get more information and even contacted the company themselves to ask a few questions about their services.
It appeared at last I had found a legitimate source for legitimate supplies and with a community of 50,000 other like minded customers I guessed they must be doing something right.
I made the decision to try them reassured by a money back guarantee if the outcome was not what I was hoping for.
My fears where raised again when I was having difficulty finding a particular kind of Canoe but a quickemail to the company and they found me details on a supplier in Ireland for drop shipping and another in Turkey who might be able to help me.
It turn's out their drop shipping list is updated on a regular basis so new content and screened suppliersare available.
Clearly it would not be possible for them to guarantee that all products could be found in their database.
It would be hard for you not to, since there are more then 5,300 pre-qualified suppliers.
Help is easy to find through online support, a forum and company-provided tutorials.
For $67 I thought I had found my answer.
The lifetime drop shipping list fee is definitely worth the price in the long run, when you take in to account that there will be no need to make calls or write emails.
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