Housebreaking A Dog - 5 Helpful Tips

When you bring home your adorably cute new puppy, the first thing you learn is she's not so cute when she leaves a pile of poo on your carpet.
Housebreaking a dog is one of the most challenging aspects of owning a dog, especially if you're a first-time dog owner.
A positive attitude and some knowledge will help you get through this successfully.
Here are a few tips on housebreaking a dog: 1.
Whenever you see her eliminating outside, praise her for going "potty" (or your word).
But wait until she's done or you may distract her from what she is doing.
Puppies can be easily distracted all on their own and don't need your help.
When she's finished, really heap on the praise and use the word "potty" excessively so she'll learn to associate the potty word with the act.
If you catch her taking care of business inside the house, you do want to distract her from what she is doing!Clap your hands and startle her with "Uh uh!"This should stop her mid-stream.
Immediately scoop her up and get her outside.
After she finishes up in the appropriate place, then praise her.
Feed her at regular set times to help encourage an elimination schedule.
It helps both of you to stick to a schedule so that you remember when she was last outside and she learns what's expected of her after she eats, naps, and plays.
Don't scold your dog if you run across an "old" accident in the house.
You've missed your window of opportunity on that one because she won't understand what she's done wrong if your reprimand her now.
Supervise her more carefully so you can catch her in the act and use the moment to let her know that what she is doing in the house should be done outdoors.
Be prepared to act fast! 5.
Dogs can not only be taught to go outdoors, but they can be taught to go in a specific area.
Perhaps you don't want your lawn to be freckled with dead spots or you don't want to worry about the kids running into a "land mine" when they're playing on the grass.
I have successfully (mostly) trained my dog to go in a certain area around the side of the house where no one walks.
She does forget sometimes in the winter when there's deep snow, but I can't say as I blame her.
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