Ideas for Unique Award Titles



    • Reward kids with excellent personality traits by presenting awards based on defining characteristics. Superlative-type awards like "Most Outgoing," "Most Friendly," "Comedian," and "Amazing Friend/Ambassador" -- given to a child who has represented the school well on an outing or helped out a friend during a rough spot -- are fun and creative ways to recognize a child's positive characteristics.

    Classroom Centered Awards

    • Recognize children who have helped the classroom run smoothly during your time as their teacher. Awards such as "Most Helpful," "Most Positive," -- when other children have issues with academics, positivity of others should be recognized and supported -- and "Great Class Monitor" -- for those children who have volunteered in monitor positions -- should be given out to recognize children who have been very helpful to you.

    Academic Awards

    • Award students who have done especially well in your classroom. While awards for the highest grades are always nice, you can recognize children in other ways. Give awards such as "Most Improved Reader" to a child who has worked hard to improve reading skills, "Awesome Writer," to a child showing writing promise and "Math Whiz" to a child who has shown an aptitude for math.

    Most Likely To...

    • Get creative and tailor "Most Likely to..." awards to children in your classroom. Give a "Most Likely to Star on Broadway" award to a child with an aptitude for drama, a "Most Likely to Win the Stanley Cup" for a student who is obsessed with hockey or a "Most Likely to Have a Great Excuse for Missing Homework" for a student who always seems to be caught without his assignments.

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