What Oil Do I Use With a Troy Bilt 6.75Hp Mower?


    Oil Type

    • The Troy-Bilt Tuff Cut’s oil type depends on the operating ambient temperature because different oil weights perform better under certain weather conditions. Synthetic 5W-30 oil is suitable for all air temperatures. Standard 5W30, however, is best for cutting at 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below. For operation between -5 and 98 degrees, use 10W-30 in your Tuff Cut. SAE30 is recommended for cutting at 46 degrees and above.

    Check Oil

    • Check oil levels and oil quality every eight hours of operation or daily prior to use. Remove the oil cap, which has a dipstick attached to it. Wipe the dipstick on a napkin or towel so that the end is completely clean. Re-insert the dipstick into the oil fill hole without touching the edges, and then pull it back out. If there is oil on the “full” line, you don’t have to add any. Otherwise, add oil as needed -- up to 20 ounces. After you add any oil, wait one minute and then check the level again.

    Changing The Oil

    • Change the oil in your Troy-Bilt Tuff Cut every 50 hours of operation. Start by removing the spark plug while the engine is off but still warm. Drain the oil from either the oil fill cap, bottom drain port or side drain port into a half-gallon bucket. If you use the oil fill cap to drain, be advised that fuel can leak as you turn the engine over. Once the oil is completely done draining, replace the drain port caps and ensure they are tight. Re-fill the oil through the oil fill hole with 20 ounce of oil.


    • Engine oil can also be used to lubricate the Tuff Cut mower. Lubrication helps prevent rust from corroding the mower’s hardware. Use engine oil to lubricate wing nuts and hardware on the push handle and blade control handle. Also lubricate hardware on the discharge chute, mulch plug and wheel assemblies.

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