4 iPhone Apps to Help You Organize Your Photos

Want to quickly keep all the photos on your iPhone organized, easily accessed and ready to share or store on your computer? Here are four iPhone apps that make that easy: First, try Picture Safe, so popular that it was featured in PC World and made the App Classics Hall of Fame.
It easily creates folders for any group of photos and has a password protected feature.
Not only do you have ultimate security with this app but can organize them by groups or subjects.
Another app worth checking out is Camera Vault, which features the ability to categorize your photos in a library which also organizes galleries and slideshows.
It is cutting edge and among the best of the iPhone photo apps available.
Pictures skip the basic photo library and go directly into the Camera Vault library.
The advantage here? A much higher level of protection for photos, allowing them to be stored securely and privately.
A password allows only the owner of Camera Vault to decide which photos are private and when to share them with others.
They aren't automatically accessible to just anyone.
Picposturous allows you to create albums, after first noting a location.
Pictures can be arranged by location and even particular events.
To use, simply list your city, such as Boston or Indianapolis or Chicago.
All photos from that city can be separated into specific albums and when searching for the photos you simply go list a specific location to see all photos associated with that area.
Finally, Darkslide is only for Flickr users (and it is worth becoming one to use this app).
It is possible to browse through the Flickr stream of photos and view photos from friends or contacts.
You can then organize photos by various categories such as particular friends or groups.
For those who haven't been introduced to the advantages of Flickr, give it a try and see if this is a favorite iPhone app for photo organization.
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