Is Juice Plus a Good Legitimate Company?

I've noticed that over the past couple years, there seems to be a lot of health food stores and companies popping up everywhere.
A company that I've noticed that has done quite well since its formation in 1993 is called Juice Plus.
Juice Plus specializes in dietary supplements containing concentrated fruit and vegetable juice extracts prepared with added vitamins and nutrients.
The supplements are advertised as a way for people to get the nutrients from fruits and vegetable without having to eat over ten servings of fruits and vegetables throughout the day.
The company knows that nothing can replace real fruits and vegetables but they believe their products are the next best thing.
Let's face it, getting the recommended number of fruits and vegetables can be quite difficult.
I don't know many people that eat 3 to 5 fruits and 3 to 5 vegetables each day.
Juice Plus makes it so people don't have to worry about eating all day, instead they can use their products and get all the nutrients that they need.
The company produces a large variety of different health supplements that are created to help people receive the nutrients they need to live healthy lives.
Their most popular items are Orchard Blend and Garden Blend; they're made with natural fruit and vegetable juices.
Juice Plus operates as a multi level marketing company which means their products can't be found in stores.
They use distributors to go out and sell their products and in return the distributor receives a commission from their personal sales.
In order for distributors to make the type of money they are looking for they have to spend a lot of time recruiting because they make a commission from the sales of everyone they recruit.
Success within any type of MLM company requires the proper skills and mindset in order to create success.
What type of skills and mindset am I talking about? Not only does a person need to have a large network of fiends, but they need feel comfortable approaching their friends and persuading them to get involved with Juice Plus.
A lot of people don't feel comfortable talk to people they know about this sort of thing.
You need to determine whether or not you'd feel comfortable approaching the people you know before join this company.
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