Enjoy Cool Kerala!

When you're looking for a place where you can beat the heat during your India travel, then there are few places that are more tempting than beautiful Kerala. It has everything from sprawling green landscapes to soothing backwaters to sparkling beaches. Well known for its natural beauty, Kerala has earned the moniker of being ‘God's own country'. Here are some places you absolutely must visit during Kerala tours!

Munnar is a place where natural beauty lulls you into serenity and peace. The Cheeyapara and Vallara falls are famous here, as is the Kundala Lake. But perhaps the most interesting bit in Munnar is that you can find the rare Neelakurinji flower here. It blooms once in 12 years, so if you can make it on the year of blooming – don't miss it. The Eravikulam National Park is home to many endangered species, the most popular of which is the Nilgiri Tahr.

Wayanad is a land that is nearly untouched by the hands of pollution. Perhaps you might enjoy a leisurely stroll among the tea, coffee, cocoa and vanilla plantations. Banasura Lake, with the picturesque Banasura mountains in the backdrop, is a place where boating is all the rage. Wayanad has to its name three wildlife sanctuaries, one of which is Pakshipatalam, an ornithologist's paradise. If you're suffering from a hot afternoon, head to the Meenmutty falls and cool off. Edakkal Caves come highly recommended, standing evidence as they do for the existence of a potential Stone Age civilisation in the region.

Kerala, best known for its backwaters and quaint canals, is seen shining to its best effects in Alappuzha, formerly Alleppey. It is this very network of canals that earns it the name ‘Venice of the East'. You can easily find yourself on the calm waters inside a comfortable houseboat. It's even possible to rent these boats overnight, so that you can enjoy the soothing flow of water under a starry night sky. Be sure to visit one of the many coir factories, one of Kerala's traditional manufacturing industries.

The name of Guruvayoor is most renowned for Kerala's temple. Legend even has it that the temple's idol is around 5000 years old. Whether or not it is true, the temple itself is a masterpiece in architecture, built completely in stone. You should also visit the Mural Museum, which portrays one of India's long tradition of schooling: the Gurukul system. Artists in this museum are taught mural painting under the guidance of a Guru; and once a year, an exhibition is held to display veteran painter's works.

India is a land steeped in tradition and culture. India travel would easily bring this fact to light, to even the casual traveller. One of the basic tenets of Indian culture is that of considering guests as God. Kerala, with all of its natural beauty and warm people, will highlight this magnificently. So be prepared for a cool environment and warm people during Kerala tours.
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