How to Seduce Girls - By Making Them Jealous

Jealousy is one of the most potent emotions you can induce in a woman.
If she feels covetous toward you, her emotions will spill all over the place and she will interpret the disturbance in her mind as longing or love.
However, most guys don't know how to incite jealousy effectively, so that it yields positive results.
If you're willing to try anything just to make a woman feel more in love with you, read on to discover some ways to exploit a woman's feelings of envy and possessiveness to your advantage.
Underhanded Jealousy Tactics You Can Use to Make Her Long for You Jealousy Tip #1.
DON'T Tell Her You Like Her.
Girls can tell if you're into them, but they don't know for sure until you tell them.
A girl might be playing your lines over and over inside her head trying to figure out if you're for real or not.
If you're flirting with her but you don't tell her directly that you like her, you keep the power in your hands.
Jealousy Tip #2.
Flirt Outrageously then Look Elsewhere.
Making a woman feel comfortable with your flirting means making her blush, fidget, laugh and giggle.
But, what happens when she realizes she doesn't have your undivided attention after all? She goes bonkers and tries to keep your attention glued on her.
Jealousy Tip #3: Seal the Deal.
Make it seem as if you've forgotten her existence and leave or chat up another girl.
Don't worry about pissing her off.
Simply try to make the other girl smile at you and laugh with you.
The first girl will be looking at you, seething with jealousy and eager to steal you back.
After reading these three tips, I'm sure you'll agree that jealousy is a great way to grab a woman's attention.
Now, once you have her attention, what's the next step? You must escalate that attraction to increase sexual tension.
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