Beat Up Your Opponent -2 Great Football Strength Training Exercises For Football Dominance!

Football strength training workouts can only be successful by training your body the way you play the game.
The way to do this involves intensity and determination.
Nothing is better at bringing out these qualities in you than with kettlebell training! I have included 2 great kettlebell strength training drills here to help you achieve the physical nature you desire in your game.
The Single Arm Overhead Snatch: This kettlebell exercise involves lifting the bell from either the ground or between your legs up to a held position above your head in one explosive smooth movement.
This is done by you forcefully flexing and then extending at both your hip and knee joints in order to create the necessary momentum to elevate the kettlebell to a high position lateral to your head.
Once the kettlebell is at this high position you must complete the lift by vertically punching your palm towards the sky.
As you punch your palm you should suck your shoulder into the socket and lock your elbow into place.
This exercise is tremendous for helping you to develop superior core strength, hip power, explosiveness, shoulder stability, and cardiovascular fitness that is second to nothing.
The Single Bell Suitcase Deadlift: This kettlebell exercise can be a very challenging drill when it is first attempted.
To begin, simply stand with your feet about shoulder width distance apart in length.
Set the kettlebell beside one of your ankles just outside your foot.
Next, you want to execute a squat and reach down to grab the kettlebell to pick it up.
Now the key is to not give into the temptation of leaning to the side that you are picking the kettlebell up.
Maintain good balance and posture by keeping your shoulders and hips square as you complete the drill.
This is tremendous for developing your hip strength, quad strength, and overall total body control.
If you haven't included kettlebells into your strength and conditioning workouts then you are missing out.
Remember that anyone can train hard, but only champions train smart my friend!
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