Get Him Hooked - The Secrets to Playing Hard to Get

Do you know how to play hard to get with a man? Do you know how to get and keep his interest? Are you confidant that you can play hard to get well? Would you like to know the secrets to playing hard to get and ending up with the man of your dreams? Most women know that playing hard to get is a good thing, but they struggle to make it work.
If you know the secrets to playing hard to get you can use it to get their attention, keep their attention, and get them hooked on you.
Understanding "hard to get" is the first step at being good at it.
Often women fall into one of two categories.
The first option is that they struggle not to be too eager.
These women tend to scare men away because they are always there and often pushy.
The second option is that women try to play hard to get and end up making the men feel that they are impossible to get.
You need to strike a balance so that he feels like he has to chase you, but that you are attainable.
Don't call him.
Most women know this rule, but always think it is one they can get away with breaking.
Don't do it! Instead let him call you.
You can find ways to see him again, but only every now and again.
Always wait for him to call you.
Remember he is the one who is supposed to do the chasing.
Keep your conversation light.
There will be plenty of time for deeper conversations later on.
For now just go with light conversation and slowly get to know one another.
It's also a good idea to let him lead the direction of the conversation.
Keep a little mystery.
Sure, it's good to answer his questions and let him get to know you.
However, you should keep things moving slowly so that there is a little mystery about yourself.
You have years to finish getting to know one another.
Here's the biggest trick of all.
You need to be available.
Do things with him and let him know what you have to offer his life, but you also need to be unavailable.
This is a tricky balance.
He won't know that he has come to need you if you are always there.
So, after awhile be less available.
Don't abandon him or the relationship, but be busy when he wants to do something on a Friday night or have plans when he asks for a favor.
This will help him realize that he needs you.
Follow these simple secrets to the proper way of getting him hooked and you will do just that.
Playing hard to get is a game that comes with some rules.
Keep that in mind as you play.
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