How to Drive a Women Wild Just by Talking! Here is Something Every Man Must Learn

Talking directly triggers a woman's brain which is her greatest erogenous zone.
With your voice you can create wonders and have a direct control over the way she reacts to you.
She will react separately to both your voice's characteristics and to what it is that you are saying.
Some men can adjust the color, tone, sensuality and underlying notion of their words, and arouse a woman while the meaning of the words they pronounce remain absolutely unrelated to anything sexual.
People often make judgments based on voices, without even knowing it, and that is especially the case when it comes to judging one's personality.
It can be used greatly to your advantage so your voice is the first thing to work on.
Make it deep, husky, warm and sensual.
Be aware of the pronunciation of every word that crosses your lips.
You will have her full attention set on you.
Now pay attention to what it is that you are saying.
Tell her how much you like the way she looks and how lucky you are for just having her beside you.
Carefully choose your words to make her feel attractive and desired but don't overdo it with exaggerated compliments.
Whisper in her ear how you dreamt of you two making love and how it is hard for you to control yourself in her vicinity when all that you want now is to take her.
You may add all the things that you would physically do to her, including caressing her breasts, or even ripping off her clothes, if you think that she would be into that kind of excitement.
When you talk to her, make sure to smirk, but not too wide or too temperate.
Let your smirk be suggestive and mischievous, speaking a sea of words for itself.
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