Learning Mandarin In The Coming 20"s

Studying Mandarin in China is becoming ever more popular.
The rate of Chinese economic growth is creating more and more jobs where a bilingual person can really capitalize on western education.
Proficiency in both English and Mandarin does not only set a person apart from the crowd in job applications, it is also solid skill that will be increasingly regarded as more and more important as China ascends further up the economic and diplomatic pecking order.
Today there is no longer a question if China is going to overtake The United States as the world's largest economy, just a question of when.
If China continues at its present course this will happened in around twenty years.
Already today businesses are maneuvering to take advantage not so much of what China is today, but what it is going to be in 5, 10 and 20 years.
One notable field where China is turning heads already is that of high tech manufacturing, it used to be the case that China was only able to output low-end quality goods.
Today China is a crucial part of almost every supply line, from Happy Meal toys to high-end oil rig equipment and aircraft engine parts.
The majority of people are not aware of this trend, but it is significant nevertheless.
That China, a country which is famous for its ability to mass produce start climbing the technology ladder, all global markets will in time be affected to some degree.
Today, for example, a majority of computer components are created in China, a cost savings solution that underpins the massive price reduction for computers in the 10 years.
This trend is however not new.
Most people do not know it but China overtook The United States of America in 2006 as the world's largest exporter of high-end technology.
Another market in which China is completely altering the playing field is that of luxury consumption.
Not even 10 years ago China accounted for less than 1 percent of total global demand for bling and glamour.
Since then the Chinese has more than made up for their lack of interest in Cartier, Ferrari, Luis Vitton and the other few hundred of the worlds most expensive products.
In 2010 China bought roughly 15 percent of all these products (up by 1500% in ten years in terms of global proportion points).
This figure is only eclipsed by the fact that the trend shows no sign of stopping.
By 2015 it is thought that the Chinese glitterati will buy almost one third of all luxury produced.
A third way that Chinese developments is re shaping the global landscape of trade and inter connected localities is commodities.
This was one of the first shifts in global supply and demand that was clearly visible around the world that originated solely in China.
Today China is known as the Factory of The World.
It is therefore not that strange that China is very hungry.
It takes a lot of raw input to produce a lot of low and high tech toys.
Chinas appetite for iron ore, oil and just about every other primary level good in the world is one a star bound trajectory.
China is buying up land and resources just about everywhere and in time China will have a controlling stake in global commodity markets similar to that of the European Union and The United States has today.
This development does of course not only confine itself to the stuff people use to make better stuff.
It is a general trend that really is all encompassing.
The world is going multi polar and as China begins to assert it self the use of Mandarin will become more commonplace than ever.
Businesses are in the process of redefining them selves too.
What do you think the headquarter of Channel is most preoccupied with when it comes to business development? China is here to stay, and with it, so is Mandarin.
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