How to Unsnap Corroded Boat Grommets

    • 1). Place a flat piece of plywood under the tarp, next to the corroded grommet and perpendicular to the center line of the boat.

    • 2). Rub a bar of soap on the chisel edge of the short arm of a flat pry bar. The soap helps seat the chisel edge into "tight" areas.

    • 3). Pour a tablespoon of a cola-type soft drink onto the grommet--the phosphoric acid in the drink will help break down the corrosion. Slip the short end of the flat pry bar under the tarp so that the chisel edge is beneath the grommet and the "turn" of the pry bar rests on top of the flat board. Tap the back of the "turn" with a hammer to seat the chisel edge under the grommet.

    • 4). Rock the pry bar backwards, lifting the chisel edge and separating the grommet from the post.

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