Can Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?

For thousands of years, green tea has been a natural way to cure many different ailments.
The Chinese have been using it to cure everything from indigestion to toothaches.
In the past decade, it has become a popular weight loss supplement.
One of the greatest benefits of green tea is that it is all natural.
It can be combined with herbs to cure different ailments.
Many people have sworn by the healing properties of this beverage and use little else to cure themselves.
Although this drink is not approved by the FDA yet, many people are still avid users.
Before the FDA gives its seal of approval, the product has to undergo rigorous tests to find out what the short term and long term side affects will be.
As with any other kind of tea, most green teas contain caffeine.
Although there is really no documentation to support the claim of weight loss benefits, millions of people, including the Chinese, state that this product does assist in weight loss.
However, those in the medical field state that green tea can cause vomiting, indigestion, diarrhea and bloating in some people.
Green tea can be found in health and nutrition stores as well a natural food stores.
It can be sold in tea form or in a capsule.
Although it may have a few downsides, and many people claim that it cannot assist in weight loss, it is still becoming the fastest selling tea on the market today.
Experts recommend that along with this green beverage, lifestyle changes need to be made.
These changes should include a well balanced diet and exercise.
If you do not have time to join a local fitness center, you can create your own exercise routine.
If you choose the latter, it is important that you consult a fitness trainer to create a program that is right for you.
Before you make your decision to use this drink or pill as a weight loss supplement, it is important that you obtain as much information as possible.
There will be conflicting information, however you need to decide what is best for you.
One way to do this is to use the Internet.
Here you will find millions of links to sites that contain information regarding this topic.
Check sites that contain articles and dietary information, and make sure that the site is somewhat neutral.
All you want are the facts and nutritional value and you should use sites that you trust, and not just a site titled Green Tea.
Before the government approves this tea as a weight loss substance, further tests need to be conducted.
For the time being, it must be sold as a dietary supplement and not as a weight loss product.
Other supplements that are sold as weight loss products contain gululipids, chromium, hydrocitric acid, and other ingredients that are natural and synthetic.
There are hundreds of weight loss aids and diet pills on the market today.
Most contain vitamins and mineral to some extent, however it is important that you get the recommended daily allowance of these substances, ensuring you are getting a balanced diet.
Using green tea as a weight loss supplement has its good and bad points.
Reading all the information that you can find will only benefit you.
Another recommendation is that you should consult your physician and speak to him or her about the pros and cons of using it in your weight loss plan.
Your doctor is best suited to answer any questions and concerns that you may have.
Consulting an herb specialist is also an option, however, they tend to reside in other countries and very few are in the United States.
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