Why Tourists Should Extend Their Stay In The United Kingdom This Year

The aurora borealis has stunned people throughout history because of its inherent beauty and grace. It is a colorful light display in the skies that happens when charged particles from the sun collide against the Earth's atmosphere resulting to light energy that emits variety of colors. This wonderful phenomenon can be seen in the northern parts of Scotland and this year is the ideal time to see the brightest and purest color display because it is in the middle of a solar cycle peak that started 2009 and will end on 2012.

Big explosions from the sun were observed by scientists lately that caused massive solar particles to reach Earth. Witnesses claimed that they've seen the aurora across the English skies.

If you're going to compare the United Kingdom to other Scandinavian countries that are situated within the auroral oval then it's fair to assume that you will have greater chances of seeing the aurora clearly in the Scandinavian countries than in the UK. The northern lights in UK will only appear if there's intense geomagnetic storm or solar storm to facilitate their appearance. On the other hand, the northern part of Scotland gives you a better chance of viewing the northern lights. A particular place in Scotland called Moray Firth is considered to be the best location to see the aurora.

When on aurora hunting, one must bear in mind that city lights and other man-made illuminations are your mortal enemies. Avoid the city lights as much as possible and the northern part of Scotland, situated in the same latitude as Moscow, will provide you the darkest skies to highlight the northern lights.

Scotland is graciously favored this year as big expectation that northern lights will be clear in its skies is backed up by solid scientific basis. As a matter of fact, Mike Kosch, a professor at University of Lancaster, estimates that there's a ten percent chance for England to see the aurora if the conditions are met and that Northern Scotland will have the best view of it. This once in a blue moon opportunity will absolutely make tourists extend their stay in the UK and will boost the country's economy significantly.

The professor said that UK needs to get as much solar storm intensity as the Scandinavian countries do to regularly see the northern lights. To see the northern lights in UK is by pure luck and nothing more than that, since it is not situated within the auroral oval.

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