3 Small Penis Sex Tricks - Use These and She Won"t Care About Your Size!

When it comes to sex and women there's more than meets the eye.
Sure, a larger man may have an advantage.
However, some men that are large do not use good techniques and still are unable to satisfy their woman sexually.
So if you're smaller than average or just average, try using these 3 small penis sex tricks: 1.
Please her orally
- you can actually get her fully satisfied and beyond aroused by mastering this alone.
This is a really good idea if you're a little bit small with your manhood because you may not trigger an orgasm through intercourse.
Here's a few things to consider: create a double sensation by stimulate her clitoris and G.
spot at the same time using your hands and tongue.
Use gentle strokes of the time.
Try spelling out the alphabet with your time.
Find her favorite spots by noticing when she moves her pelvic bone to meet with your tongue.
Sex positions geared towards small penis
- there are some positions that are helpful for small penis men.
In missionary can be upgraded by either putting a pillow under her lower back or lifting up her legs towards the ceiling.
In rear entry you can cross her close her legs for a tighter fit.
The first 2
- you can focus on the first 2 inches of the vagina inside the opening.
This area is actually the most sensitive area in the entire vagina.
It contains the most sensitive nerve endings.
So by using slow and shallow thrusts you will be stimulating her sensitive spots and since your penetration is shallow you will be less stimulated and should last much longer during the session.
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