Modern Warfare 2 - More Action With the Resurgence Map Pack

Modern Warfare 2 was definitely another epic installment released by Infinity Ward in the Fall 2009.
However, it still does not fail to thrill its audience world over with its amazing graphics, more advanced weapons, more mobility, and lots more of that is still coming.
Yes, you heard that right, after their first map pack a few months back, Infinity Ward has developed and started deploying new maps for players other that than just the originals.
Resurgence map pack as it is known to be yet another pack containing somewhat around 5 maps with a few more on the snow and the rest in several other rough terrains that you might ever come across.
The pack is no more than something around $15 for these 5 maps which come with more value than most critics have been stating otherwise.
Now where else would you find a few months of entertainment and mind boggling use of technological weapons around the house, when the same money can get you a mediocre movie and some popcorn for 2 hours.
For those who are really looking forward to these wonderful maps.
Here is a little insight that is sure to fill your veins with gushing blood for the next months when you'll be sitting in front of your Xbox 360s.
Let's start with a little on these maps and relax your curiosity levels for now.
The latest Call of Duty maps include Strike, Vacant, Carnival, Trailer Park and Fuel.
Strike and Vacant are just two advanced stages which were quite popular among the fans on their last release as provided in the previous map pack.
Carnival as the name suggests situates the players in a battlefield in an amusement park with all sort of rides, roller coasters, bumper cars and a funhouse with bullets showering from each angle.
Trailer park features a maze like area with pools, tight corridors and those trailers and mobile homes that you may take around the area upon your wish.
Fuel is the best and supposedly the upcoming favorite for all the snipers around there.
Wide open spaces, lots of contenders, oil refineries and warehouses are where you can sit and lay those headshots you always wanted to.
Although these maps could be downloaded using your Microsoft points, or in your nearest game stores.
You would hopefully see them not before the 3rd of June.
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