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    • Home decorating software was designed to help home owners make decisions about redecorating their homes, as well as allowing interior designers to easily plan their next projects. The software allows the users to create blueprints as well as 3D models of their home or the specific room they are redecorating. It also allows doors, windows and furniture to be added and manipulated.


    • While the software itself can be expensive, costing between $60 and $100, it can be worth it for larger renovation projects. If you are hiring an interior designer, or even an architect to remodel your home, you can show them your designs so they can make any necessary corrections. The software also allows you to get an overview of what your new room will look like and spot design flaws.


    • Using the software not only allows you to see the best positioning for your furniture without actually having to move it, but exposes any problems you may run in to before you actually start. Errors in the blueprint can be identified by a designer before any renovations begin. Colors can be matched before actual painting starts, and even the lighting of a room can be changed to see how colors and lighting will work at night.


    • Each software comes with its own distinct features. All good software should come with the basic option to change the screen shot from different 3D angles, to the blueprint, to an aerial view of the house. Additional features include different wall tools, such as a curved wall tool for designing porches, or a design wizard that allows you to choose from pre-made designs. This is faster and less daunting than starting from scratch.


    • Be aware that there are several overpriced pieces of software on the market that only perform the basic functions. A good piece of home decorating software will not cost more than $100 or $120. These are the top-quality versions. You can get a decent program for less money. The more expensive versions simply give you more decorating options and more tools to work with, however most are unnecessary except for more complex projects.


    • While home decorating software is constantly changing and adding new, advanced features, there are several good pieces of software to get you started. It all depends on the type of project you are working on, and the amount you are willing to spend. Home Designer Suite is an affordable software that covers home remodeling projects and includes many different textures and tools to use. The HGTV software is cheaper, but still provides the basic features for decorating projects. In the Resource Section you'll find links to these and others.

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