Pong - The Original and the Best Games Console

Nolan Bushnell was originally an electrical engineer and he founded a company called Atari Inc.
He is also the man accredited with distributing the original video game pong has received a fellowship from the British Academy Video Game Awards, his creation started a gaming revolution and has paved the way for all of the major players in the gaming world.
He has also been in the top 50 of Newsweek's 'Men That Changed America' so back in the US they also recognised that his work and creative genius started something of a legacy.
Nolan commented on his accolade, 'I am humbled to be selected for this honour.
The British people are not only great game players but have historically been some of the best game creators.
The pub culture and country house drawing room environments have been instrumental in spawning games and game players through the centuries.
I am very grateful to receive an award from the people with a history of creating and embracing this type of entertainment.
' In 1972 Pong was released and was one of the first arcade machine games, based upon tennis it became an instant success with the simplistic game play and completely addictive nature.
It took America by storm and the world followed, it was reputed that in the US they had to mint extra coins as there was a shortage because of the amount being put into Pong's slots.
Pong became the first home game console in 1975 and sold out over the Christmas period as well and continued in becoming one of the most iconic and best loved games of all time, Of course there wasn't much competition at this stage but Pong started the gaming craze that has now become a multi billion pound industry and changed the way we live.
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