How to Make a Bed Your Mom Would Be Proud Of

How to make a bed can be quite subjective certainly, but a made bed can have an immediate impact in making your room appear neat.
And who can't use that? The bed generally is the focal point in a bedroom and gives us an opportunity to make a statement with the bedding we use on it.
A few simple steps on how to make a bed.
Begin by protecting your mattress with a cotton mattress cover.
When using a comforter or duvet cover, the box spring and bed frame are visible.
Dress the bed with a bed skirt (or a dust ruffle) placed between the box spring and mattress that drapes to the floor.
Buy the best quality of sheets you can in a thread count and fabric that you'll find most comfortable.
The higher the threads count the softer and less likely they will shrink.
Thread counts more than 300 are normally of high quality.
You have two choices for a bottom sheet.
A fitted or flat sheet.
  • Put on a fitted sheet by hooking two of the preformed elastic corners of the sheet at one end of the bed, then walk around to the other end and stretch the sheet over the other two corners of the mattress.
  • How to make a bed using a flat sheet for the bottom is to create hospital corners for a crisp look.
  • Holding the long ends of the top sheet spread it over the mattress so it hangs evenly over the side of the mattress and parallel to the floor.
  • Tuck the short ends of the sheet at the top and bottom between the mattress and the box spring making sure it is smooth.
    Move to the side of the bed and about 12" from the corner make a fold about 45 degrees in the sheet and tuck under the mattress.
    This should create a nice crease.
    Repeat on the other three corners.
  • The top sheet goes on the bed in much the same way as the flat sheet did if you used a flat sheet for the bottom sheet.
  • Position the top sheet with the decorative hem of the sheet right at the top end of the mattress.
  • Tuck the bottom edge of the sheet under the mattress and make the hospital corners at this end, and the top end if you choose.
A blanket provides warmth and using a decorative throw blanket or a second blanket at the foot of the bed will add texture.
Position the blanket over the flat sheet about six inches from the top.
Fold back the top of the sheet so it meets the blanket and the decorative hem on the sheet is visible.
Top with a comforter filled with a poly fill or goose down, in your choice many styles.
Center it on the bed so it hangs evenly over the sides and just touches the top of the bed skirt or fold so it sits at the foot of the bed for added color and warmth.
How to make a bed using a duvet is a snap and very comfortable.
A duvet is like a big pillowcase that is reversible and used with a down insert.
You can even slip it over an old comforter for a new look and easy laundering.
Coverlets make a beautiful bed too.
They are lighter than both comforters and duvets and fall just below the mattress to the top of the bed skirt.
How to make a bed if you prefer the look of a bedspread instead of a comforter or duvet.
  • A bedspread comes in a multitude of fabrics and typically goes to the floor so there won't be a need for a bed skirt.
  • Fold the top of the bedspread at the head of the bed a third of the way down.
    Position the pillows so they're slightly overlapping the fold in the bedspread.
  • This allows enough fabric to cover the bed pillows.
    Pull the bedspread up so it covers the pillows completely giving your made bed a neat and tailored appearance.
  • Use one standard size pillow for a twin mattress and two standard or queen/king for larger beds.
Add coordinating and decorative pillow shams across the top and your bed is made!
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