REVEALED! Fun Sex Games For Couples to Improve Your Sex Life

Just because you are an adult does not mean you cannot play games anymore.
It simply means it is time to graduate from chutes and ladders or monopoly to something that is a little more useful than simply burning time.
These are games that will get you into the bedroom and make that sex life go from non-existent or mediocre to exciting and frequent.
It is time to take a new approach and not only get that spice added to your sex life but also become more closely bonded with your partner.
An example of a game you can play might involve regular dice.
Take each number 1-6 and connect them to a task like licking something, kissing something, or rubbing something.
Then take the other dice (preferably of a different color) and correlate it with a body part.
Roll to see what number you get.
The person who rolls has the responsibility of carrying out the task.
Many people feel a little awkward when it comes to bringing games into the bedroom, but there is nothing to fear.
It will require a little openness but remember this is the person you are sharing something intimate with already.
Communication is going to be the key to any sexual foreplay and sex games are no exception.
Sex games are something many people say "are not for them" but never actually them.
A little adventure never hurt anyone and taking this step towards something new can give you just what you need to relight that passionate fire between you and your partner.
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