3 Tips For Chatting Up Women - Pick Up Girls Whenever You Want

Chatting up women doesn't have to be difficult.
Try these three tips next time you're out: Pick your girl - even movie stars and football players get shut down sometimes.
To increase your chances with a lady, you need to pick the right ones to begin with.
The key is persistence.
You won't succeed with everyone, but you will succeed with some.
Smile, if they smile back it's a great sign.
Eye contact is great to.
If they lean forward when they see you go for it.
Body language is a dead giveaway.
Pick Your Time - at best you want to get her alone, or with at most one friend.
No girl in a group of her friends is going to be an easy pick up while all the rest watch it happen, and the others will probably try to make things harder for you.
So don't fight them.
Wait till she goes to the bar or is returning from the bathroom before you approach.
Isolate her so she can't help but be focused on you Don't make her feel like you're picking her up - unless she wants you too! This may seem like contradictory advice but it's not.
Most women, especially if they're alone, get intimidated by over confident or aggressive men, so the trick is to start a conversation naturally rather than use some crappy line.
Ask her what cocktail she thinks you should order.
Ask her if she likes your shirt because you're not sure about it.
Ask her what her opinion is on anything; just get her comfortable talking to you.
On the other hand some women love to be chased hard.
It's up to you to work out which one's those are.
Here's a hint, if she's flirting heavily, try something a bit less gentlemanly.
You'll probably get away with it.
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