Jersey Framing: How To Get Your Jersey Framed Right The First Time!

Sports Memorabilia customers are often are confused about what they want in a jersey frame and should be aware that not all dealers provide have equivalent knowledge or experience in this important area.
There are four things a jersey framing customer needs to look for.
The first thing is to determine if a prospective framer has any experience in framing jerseys.
When customers desire to frame a high-end, autographed jersey, the last thing they want is to put it in a shabby frame.
Consumers should ask to see pictures of framed jerseys.
Most commercial frame shops are inexperienced at handling and positioning jerseys in a frame and a lot of the big framers actually send the work out to specialized jersey framers who know how to frame the jersey right -- but they still charge you full price, most of the time over $400! Not only are commercial frame shops very expensive, but 90 percent of the work they do revolves around pictures, posters, paintings and art -- so they have little experience in dealing with jerseys.
Sports collectors should look at the molding -- what most people refer to as the "frame.
" Make sure it is not made of grainy, thin material.
Strong molding that frames the jersey solidly should be selected.
Most framers skimp on the molding in an effort to save money.
Jersey framing consumers also should insist on high-grade acrylic instead of cheap glass.
Most framers use glass to cut costs but glass is very heavy and breaks easily.
Jersey frames are extremely impressive when displayed in your home or office, especially if they are done right.
Find someone who specializes in framing jerseys and you will be ok.
There is nothing more satisfying than looking at your prized possession properly mounted on your wall.
It is the ultimate conversation piece! The most important thing is to verify that your framer knows how to properly pin and secure your jersey to the mat board.
This is where most framers fall short.
They use inferior methods of pinning like sewing the jersey directly to the mat board (this damages your jersey).
Other framers do a sloppy job of pinning which results in a substandard product.
The way your jersey is presented and pinned in the frame makes all the difference.
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