Trigger Leads to Fill Your Refinance Mortgage Pipeline

Trigger leads, credit attributes, can be used to help increase your sales and fill your pipeline with qualified leads.
These leads help discover solid insight into potential borrowers' credit for the purposes of a mortgage evaluation.
Credit bureaus provide this data and distributes it to marketing professionals.
The credit bureau determines the type of inquiry by industry and credit evaluation type.
For best results, work with marketing professionals who skillfully analyze the mortgage inquiries from the previous day and update and deliver the file for you the next business morning.
Some credit companies do "batch" processing, and deliver files once a week at most; that's not relevant enough.
This data should be fresh, same day is best.
Some list brokers peddle dated triggers, don't get taken!.
Make sure they aren't leads that have been passed around for days or weeks; ask your source where they come from and how often they are updated.
Careful of very low priced leads as they have probably been sold to many others and can have no value.
The best mortgage data are batched daily and delivered to you each day.
You should not spend money buying leads that you'll end up wasting time with that are low-quality, old leads.
They're cheap for a reason - they really have no value.
The quality of a trigger lead is after all what's most important, and if you pay for the right quality leads, you can turn your cold calls into new business and closed loans.
WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? The three credit bureaus! Credit data is what the credit bureaus have on file for each borrower.
They include credit scores, loan balances, repayment histories and other critical attributes that give you what you need to choose the exact client that fit your existing set of guidelines.
Targeting qualified prospects take much of the guesswork out of marketing.
Trigger leads can fill your pipeline quickly, and can help close more business at a very affordable price.
Credit bureaus identify various bits of data in what is called a "soft inquiry".
All the leads you will receive are from consumers that are searching for your product or service These people are actively seeking a mortgage and have completed an application to have their credit pulled.
There's no gimmick offered to get this information.
Trigger leads are only created when someone has filled out an authorization to have their credit pulled for the purposes of a mortgage evaluation such as a loan application.
HOW TO USE TRIGGERS TO CLOSE MORE LOANS Sign up to receive daily mortgage data from a reputable List Broker.
Trigger leads will provide you with all the attributes you need to make a decision of whether or not these clients fit your lender guidelines.
Stop shooting in the dark, with triggers, there's no more guesswork.
Now you can market only to those that need, and are qualified for your product or service.
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