10 Tips For an Effective Email Ad Campaign

In today's social media marketing, web 2.
0 atmosphere, the idea of email marketing, or solo ad marketing, seems to be a bit out of date.
I don't think it's dead just yet.
In fact, if planned out correctly your email marketing campaign can be very effective.
10 Tips For Effective Email Ad Campaign 1.
Find The Right Audience A major mistake of most people who are using email solo ads for advertising is that they don't really put their ad in front of the right audience, or target.
Most of the time they use an ad co-op that blasts their ad to different email lists for a certain cost.
Sometimes these lists have nothing to do with your ad and your response goes down.
A little research helps boost the response rate of your ad.
Get Rid Of The "Ad Speak" Don't focus on such a hard sell, but rather let the "ad" flow as in a letter to someone you know.
That breaks down some of the emotional barriers people put up when they know you're trying to sell them something.
Don't Overwhelm Reader With Too Much Information People don't have a lot of time to sit and read email when there are more options pulling for their time.
Make it clear, but very concise.
Tell them what you want to and then lead them to your site.
Give Rather Than Receive This is also a powerful social networking principle.
The concept is to give out information within the ad itself without being too pushy about selling something.
Think of a problem and offer a solution.
Give away a free report or video.
Give something.
Don't Leave It At Just One Familiarity breeds great response.
A huge tactic I've been using with my own clients is to set up a progressive campaign instead of a static one.
This means that the email campaign consists of at least three different emails that work together towards a common goal.
Response rates have dramatically increased with this tactic.
Create Urgency But Don't Be Pushy There's a fine line when it comes to creating a sense of urgency and being overly pushy in your ad.
People tend to turn off those ads that are all about selling something.
But, they tend to get swept up in the "heat of the moment" when you create urgency by leaving hints and teasers as to what they can find at your site instead of outright telling them to buy, buy, buy! 7.
Go Narrow In Your Target One of the hardest things I had to understand when I began advertising with solo email ads is the larger the subscriber count doesn't always mean the best results.
The greatest return I saw has always come from smaller, much more focused email lists.
These are the people who have a much greater interest in what you will try to sell them than a broader audience.
Develop Relationship With Ezine Publisher One of the most overlooked parts of email marketing is the publishers themselves.
Often taken for granted, a powerful way to boost your effectiveness is to have them on your side.
They can recommend your products willingly and even give you free ad space.
Plus, connecting with people in a more personal way is a great way to build not only business ties but strong friendships.
Ask For A Response The reason the social networking is so powerful, and attractive, today is because of the level of interaction.
One great way to put this level of interaction into your solo email ad campaign is to ask the readers of your ad to email you directly.
They could ask a question, reply to a question, add their input to your product, etc.
The options are really wide open and limited by your imagination.
Test, Test, Test There is no substitute for testing different marketing campaigns to see which one works better or what changes, if any, are necessary.
In some of my services I create two sets of solo email ads for clients for this very purpose.
You should always be using two sets of ads, submitted to two different subscribe lists, to see which one gets a better response.
Who knows, you might just hit gold with both of them!
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