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How to Date EK167228 Singer Sewing Machine

All Singer sewing machines have a serial number. Machines manufactured before 1900 have numerals only, while machines made from 1900 on have a one- or two-letter prefix that indicates the place of manufacture. You can date EK167728 Singer sewing machine on the Singer website. The Singer Company prov

How to Cross Stitch an Afghan for Beginners

Counted cross stitch can be done on any even-weave fabric, whether it's commercially woven for the purpose or you've knitted it yourself. Two complications come with doing an afghan: You may want a soft and fluffy fabric rather than the crisp ones used for other counted-cross-stitch projects, and yo

How to Join Squares & Strips in Crochet

Crochet afghan patterns often require you to work in smaller sections and join the sections together after crocheting. The ubiquitous "granny square" afghan is one example. If the thought of sewing all those squares or strips together is unappealing, you're in luck. A crochet hook is the i

How to Build a Cedar Picket Headboard

While you are updating a bedroom, you may overlook the bed's headboard. Do not limit your decorating to paint colors and artwork when there are so many other elements to include in a room. A whimsical approach to a garden-theme bedroom can incorporate a cedar picket-fence headboard. This is the perf

How to Make Tonfas

The ancient martial art weapon known as the tonfa is essentially two wooden dowels connected at a right angle. As such, it is very easy to create and requires very few items.

How to Make Heavy Duty Magnets

A magnet is a metal or mostly metal object that can generate magnetic force fields. These fields cause certain types of metal to be attracted to the magnet. They are therefore often used for lifting heavy objects or for holding machine parts in place.

How to Get to the Netherworld in "Minecraft"

A realm in Minecraft called the Nether takes you into a hellish dimension filled with demons and zombies. The steps required to build a gateway into the Nether will lead you into danger, but the prizes are well worth it. The Nether contains rewards such as Glowstone, which provides an infinite sour

How to Sew Traditional Japanese Fabric

The Japanese are noted for their distinctive aesthetic sense and nowhere is this more in evidence than in the richness of their traditional fabrics. Sophisticated, refined, whimsical and featuring exquisite colors and design, these fabrics are available in a wide variety of styles and textures, incl

Crafts With Plastic Jugs

Large plastic milk jugs can be recycled into craft projects and useful household items, from toys and models to scoops for dry foods. The flexible translucent plastic is easy to work with and lends itself to a variety of applications. Milk jugs can be cut with household scissors and decorated with p

How to Decorate an Aluminum Christmas Tree in Glorious Retro Style

Born in the Atomic Age of the 1950s and '60s, sparkly, spindly aluminum Christmas trees were uncool for 50 years, but now they're back and coveted by collectors who appreciate the extraordinarly high kitsch factor of an artificial tree. Here's how to make the most of your vintage aluminum treasure.<

How to Cut Quilt Blocks Accurately for a Log Cabin Design

Individuals new to quilting and the cutting process will find log cabin quilt making a snap when using a quilter's ruler, cutting mat and rotary cutter. These three items provide a quilter with an accurate way to cut strips for quilting. Any size strip is possible with a common strip size of 1 1/2-i

Put the Magic of Words Into You Wedding Invites

A contemporary wedding calls for invitations that are special and non-conventional. Let's say that you have developed a classy reception in a modern loft and your bridesmaids will dress in chic cocktail dresses with distinctive ...

Craft Ideas for Dryer Lint

Everyone's got some to spare---that wad of dryer lint at the end of each load of laundry. Instead of throwing it out the next time you do the wash, however, consider using it as part of a fun arts and crafts project. You can use it to make anything from clay to pet chew toys. Just remember that drye

How to Make a Tee-pee Out of Construction Paper

Young children learn about Native American tribes in school and may be asked to build a model of a tee-pee, the dwelling for certain tribes. Help you child make a simple model of a tee-pee using construction paper. Crumple up brown construction paper first to give the tee-pee a more natural look, as

Ideas for Stamping Handmade Cards

Making handmade cards using rubber stamps and card stock is a way to creatively express and share a thought, sentiment or greeting. Consider stamping images and words with embossing techniques or dressing up a simple stamped card with ribbons and other embellishments that reflect your personality.