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Trim Down With A 30 Minute Workout Scheme

Participate in some physical activity. Carrying out a cardio work-out can do wonders to trimming down your belly. They would believe you've were able to handle your family; work and health just because you looked like you have lost ten pounds.My weblog ... trimdownclub com

DISC Certification For Youth Ministers

If you are looking for a new youth minister for your church, you should consider one who has a DISC certification.This certification enables people to administer personality assessments with a DISC Profile.If the person with whom you entrust the youth of your congregation has the power to assess the

Job Description for a Secretary at a Construction Company

In addition to having good communication, organizational, math and computer skills, construction company secretaries must also understand the construction process and terminology in order to carry out their job duties.

Types of Teaching Evaluations

Teaching evaluation involves different approaches to ensure that accurate and relevant data is collected. In general, teaching evaluation compares teaching methods to the purpose and objectives of a course. It also analyzes a teacher's personal teaching style in a classroom context to determine whet

How to Become an Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is someone who's able to adapt new ideas to a relevant marketplace in order to make money. While it seems like some entrepreneurs were born that way, in truth becoming an intelligent business person is more about hard work and smart choices.

4 Ways to Avoid Looking Like a Job Hopper on Your Resume

When an employer scans your resume for 20 seconds, what will they see? If you have had a series of jobs lasting 1-2 years, then you may look like a job hopper and these are big red flags on your resume. Securing a candidate takes time and money for employers, so a candidate that has a record of job

Web Recruitment Can Reduce Recruitment Costs

Recruitment is the procedure used to combine the most suitable people, for the right job, at the most appropriate time. The process involves identifying potential candidates, for selected positions, screening and vetting the candidates, and arranging interviews, and placing chosen candidates in desi

How to Ace That Job Interview

Fresh graduates who are looking for a job always have the same thing in mind when it comes to job interviews. They think it's scary and very nerve-racking. I'm not going to insult the ones who will read this by saying job interviews aren't. Of course they are scary and nerve-racking,

Job Description for Director of Strategic Sourcing

Procurement and sourcing is one of the most important functions in business. Without buyers, procurement personnel and strategic sourcing professionals, there would be no one to order supplies or buy materials and equipment. Strategic sourcing employees are responsible for buying needed items at the

What Do You Need to Be a LPN?

Licensed practical nurses, also called LPNs, assist health care professionals such as registered nurses and physicians in caring for disabled or sick patients. They perform duties such as taking vital signs, assisting patients in walking around the hospital and observing patients’ treatment. A

How to Be a Horse Dentist

Horse dentists, also known as equine dental technicians, tend to the oral health of horses. The condition of the teeth and gums of a horse, as with humans, can be a key indicator of a horse's overall health. Becoming qualified as a horse dentist requires hands-on experience and academic knowledge.

Thinking About Using a Business or Success Coach?Watch Out

More and more people are using coaches to help them achieve better results in their careers.But how do you know that the coach you've just hired can really do what he or she says they can?In this article, readers are provided with some concrete advice and ideas to ensure they get their money&ap

Do You Know the 5 Steps to Creating a Successful Resume?

What constitutes a great resume? Can you list the five (5) steps to a successful resume? Most people think so, but too often get bogged down with items inconsequential. A great resume can be completed by following five simple steps.

One of the Most Common Resume Lies Is Ghost Companies

One of the most efficient ways to cover up a problem at a previous place of employment is to "recreate" employment history. Let's say a job applicant has a previous employer who they know will give them a less than stellar reference or which employment said applicant was released from

An Overview of Auto Mechanics

People who are interested in a well-paying trade can become an automotive mechanic. You can work with your hands, use technology and enjoy working outdoors. Automotive mechanics require specialized training, including certification.

The Starting Salary of a Biochemical Engineer

A biochemical engineer uses technology to do things such as improve medicine and food. This includes finding ways to add more nutrients to food or by creating safer medicines to treat cancer. This occupation typically consists of working in a laboratory and analyzing data to develop biological mater

What Types of Jobs Have Flexible Hours?

Many people who are working their way through college, expanding their families, trying to eliminate debt or searching for ways to stash more in savings seek part-time jobs with flexible work schedules to supplement their income. Jobs in customer service, sales and law enforcement are among the most


The Women's Army Corps Service Medal was awarded for service in both the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps during the period 10 Jul 42 - 31 Aug 43 and the Women's Army Corps during the period 1 Sep 43 - 2 Sep 45