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Why Entrepreneurs Should Avoid Imitation

In the world of small business and entrepreneurship, originality is and has always been a premium. The people who are different and who manage to bring something different into the market always command attention. That is how they and their products stand out from the pack. Sometimes it is this diff

Defining Value

People are carefully monitoring their expenses in response to the current economy.They want the best value for their money.

What Education Is Needed to Become a Business Analyst?

The business analyst works with a company to improve efficiency or implement a process that will help the business gain a competitive advantage in an industry. Business analysts may work as independent consultants for a number of businesses or in a consulting firm with a number of client businesses.

3 Criteria to Help You Choose the Right Home Based Business

So, you've made the decision to begin a business from your home. The creation of a brand new concept is the important first step in establishing any business, but the choice of a business could make or break your entrepreneurial venture.

Opportunity Starts at Home

Are you struggling with a low income J.O.B? Find out how you can create a supplementary income from a home based business...

Internet Income University Reviews

As a tax accountant for 35 years I needed to find a business online that would give me the skills to move into a different field. The only experience I had with computers was loading up a tax program from year to year. Trying to learn something new on the computer was not an option because of the co

Entrepreneurship? Train the Teachers First

The teachers are the moulders of our future generation. Every day, students attend schools and consciously as well as subconsciously gain knowledge. And every day, school teachers are sharing their experience, their knowledge, their habits directly or indirectly to students.

Make Money From Home With These Seven Great Tips

Making a living from home can be easier than you think. These simple steps will give you an idea of what needs to be done to create and maintain a business from your home.

Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do!

"Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do!" is about my experience as an affiliate marketer.In life, they are many challenges and trials which is very overwhelming for the average person.This article will inspire you to work towards your goals on not giving up your internet business, th

What's in Your Tool Box?

We go through life gaining knowledge, building up a stock pile of wealth and information, when was the last time you stopped and asked yourself this question? What did I do with that knowledge?

What, No Drive-Thru?

As a successful home business entrepreneur I am often approached by others who are looking for a way to increase their income or improve their lifestyle. I now ask them, are you ready to purchase the drive-thru? They often look puzzled too. You see just about everyone I meet wants to make more money

Top 5 Reasons You Should Not Start a Business

I'm a big believer in not starting a new business. I believe buying an existing entity can be a better stepping stone to gain personal wealth. There are certain circumstances when a start up is a much more logical step than buying an existing corporation. I've listed the top 5 reasons on w

Growing Your Home Based Business to Be Big and Strong

You want to make sure your home-based business is growing solid. Planning ahead and getting organized is very important in order to make your business big and strong. Get more tips in this article.

Brand and Branding

The perception in the minds of the customer about the emotional corporate image as a whole is a brand. A brand is not just an image, but it is also an experience that grows further, the expectations.