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How to Find the Serial Number of Software

Serial numbers for purchased or downloaded software allow owners get help or replacement software in the event of a program failure. In an age when everything seems to have a separate number that is not always easy to find, searching for the serial number for a software product can be frustrating. A

How to Set Up a VirtualBox Shared Folder For A Linux Virtual Machine

Sun VirtualBox is an excellent free virtual machine manager, capable of running nearly any operating system on the market. What many who are new to running virtual machines using VirtualBox don't realize is that their guest machine doesn't have to be isolated from their host machine. This will allo

How to Backup Windows Vista

Nothing is worse than when your computer gives out, taking your important files and documents along with it. To keep your data safe from hardware failure, electrical surges, user error and other problems, it is wise to regularly back up the files on your hard drive. While the Business, Ultimate, and

The Making of a Remanufactured Ink Cartridge

Printers come in different sizes, models, and types which is also the same for the printer cartridges. If you are a printer user, you should have already known that there are two types of cartridges ...

Top Ten Ways to Make Your Computer Faster

If you've noticed that your computer is slower than it used to be, you might want to find some ways to pick up the pace. There are several things you can do to help increase your computer's performance, and you do not have to be a tech guru for many of them.

Intel Sandy Bridge Processor

Intel's new Sandy Bridge micro-architecture has finally had its massive unveiling at CES 2011 and the response has just been out of this world. Even normal users have heard of it although most of them just know the keywords "Intel", "Sandy Bridge" and "awesome". If

Imation LTO 4 Quality Ultrium Media Tape

Now it is almost two decades since the many worlds renewed and notable companies have heavily depend on the influence of Linear Tape Open technology to offer a better scalable, adjustable for their storage necessities. ...

Trick Or Treat: Cheap Laptops For Sale!

Needing technology's help in times that you need to seek help can be very frustrating. It can be a stressful problem both physically and economically. When you are in a tight budget you cannot have ...

How to Install Aquastar

Aquastar is learning software distributed by the TIMO company. TIMO develops speech therapy software designed to help autistic children. Installing TIMO Aquastar is an easy operation that will take about five minutes to complete. In order to install Aquastar on your PC or laptop, you must first have

Safety & Ergonomic Problems With CRT Monitors

CRT stands for cathode ray tube. CRT monitors work by using an electron gun to bombard a screen with electrons, causing the screen to create images. LCD monitors have replaced CRT monitors in many computing applications.

Reduce IT Wastes Through IT Recycling London

The Information technology is an important part of the modern society and as this technology progresses, more and more IT devices replaced the old ones. In such a situation, it is important to handle the ...

Stratitec Refill Instructions

A Stratitec Inkjet Refill Kit provides you with all the necessary equipment to refill empty ink cartridges so that you don't have to throw them away and spend the money to purchase a new cartridge. You can use the injector and the ink bottles to give new life to the ink cartridges you have pulled ou

How to Fix a Laptop Adapter

Most modern laptop computers come with multiple network adapters so that users can get online in more than one way. For example, many laptop models include both an ethernet and wireless adapter. When one of these adapters stops functioning properly, the Windows operating system can diagnose and fix

How to Get W98 to Work with a Flash Drive

Operation of peripherals with earlier versions of Windows operating systems, such as Windows 98, are dependent on a component called the Win32 Driver Model (WDM). Unfortunately, Windows 98’s release was prior to the existence of many universal serial bus (USB) devices as well as some key impro

What Happens if You Forget the Code to Your iPod?

The passcode on your iPod helps protect your privacy by preventing others from accessing your data, especially if your iPod is lost or stolen. Unfortunately, if you forget your own passcode your options are limited. You'll either need to recall the code or restore the device with your primary comput

The Role of Computer Power Supplies

The power supply, often referred to as the PSU, is an integral internal computer component that powers all of the hardware inside your computer case. It's importance is often overlooked by the casual computer users.

Touch Keyboard Games

Touch keyboard games are a great way to learn how to type fast and accurately and can be a fun way to teach children or even adults who do not know how to type the basics of using a keyboard. Touch keyboard games make learning how to type a lot more fun and can make the transition to computer use mu

How to Make My Computer Accept Wireless Internet

As wireless Internet technology continues to advance, many people are now relying on wireless networks. A wireless connection makes it more convenient to connect to the Internet. In addition, the majority of the newest technologies of 802.11n and DOCSIS 3.0 work well with wireless networks. Therefor