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The Big Fat Indian Weddings

My parents are saving money for my marriage, since the time I took birth. At times, I feel that I have birth for this grand event to happen in my life. Besides saving money for ...

How to Use The Law of Attraction to Build Your Love Relationship

Most of us have little or no idea what we want in love, but we have a superb description of what we do not want. Having a superb script of what you do not want in love is the primary challenge with our love relationships. The Law of attraction is much greater than each of us. Therefore, it will work

10 Type of Boys, You Should Avoid

Girls are the most sensitive creatures on this Earth. They desire and crave for the true love but if their trust is broken, they hurt themselves and decide to end their life hoping that the person whom you love will realize his mistake and will repent for it but in fact it is not so.

Five Ideas For Dating Your Wife

Divorce is a choice and is optional. My wife and I have promised not only each other, but our children that we will stay together and do what it takes to love and grow our relationship. One secret for doing this is to make it a habit of dating your wife.

My Husband Is Unhappy With Our Marriage - Am I Losing Him Soon?

Are you trying very hard to please your husband recently? There is a fear of losing him and the breakup of your marriage seems almost inevitable. Your husband is showing frustrations in the marriage and a conversation with him could lead to a heated argument. How to make him happy again?

Why Do Men Cheat On Their Beautiful Wives?

We've seen it in the news a lot over the past couple of years. Gorgeous couples in the limelight with so many years of marital bliss ahead of them ruin at all for a little ...

Divorce and Distribution of Assets

What are the considerations for property and asset distribution in divorce? Most states have guidelines to help decide a fair and equitable distribution of assets. Do you know what they are, or how they might pertain to your situation? Read on to find out.

Areas To Manage For A Prenuptial Agreement In Australia

Australia is one of the urbanized countries having 22, 906, 355 citizens that also legally determine the prenuptial or premarital agreement. As based on the FLA ( Family Act Law) of 1975, a pre-nuptia

Filling Up the Vacuum in Your Marital Life

Getting married and staying married are two different things. As time goes on; the spice in marriage is lost and it seems as if the marriage would come to an end. When you discover that there is a vacuum in your marital life; learn the tips in this article and use it to fill up the vacuum.

Feeling Tamed in a Relationship? Use 3 Love Tips to Wake Up Your Wild Side

If you equate the dopamine rush of great sex with love, then you may be a dupe of dopamine. You may view a temporary lull in passionate intimacy as a loss of love. If your sexual fireworks fade into a more friendly love, if your same old rituals and routines fail to spark passion or excitement as th

Alimony in Divorce - When is it Tax Deductible?

Alimony is generally tax deductible by the one who pays it, and taxable income for the one who receives it. But if you don't follow the rules, you can end up with an unpleasant tax surprise.

Ways to Cope With Divorce

Divorce is a major life change and can lead to a lot of painful and difficult consequences. Coping with divorce is a process that can take a long time, sometimes even years. However, with a little bit of focusing and prioritizing, it is possible to get through a divorce completely intact and perhaps

How to Handle an Alcoholic Husband

Living with an alcoholic husband can be difficult, especially if you love him and don't want to leave him. An alcoholic husband can be violent and abusive if he doesn't get what he wants. Alcoholism is a disease of the alcoholic and is not caused by anything you've done. Once you recognize that t

Opt for Vermont Weddings to Have Perfect Wedding

Marriage is one of the most anticipated days by every individual. Every person goals to have an ideal wedding at a good wedding position and position. They want to ensure that everything goes well during ...

How to Catch Wife Cheating with Cell Phone Trace

If you think that your wife may be cheating on you then you can trace her cell phone records to see who she may have been calling. There is nothing worse than having a spouse that you can not trust. It is always helpful when you can use a tracer to see if your wife has been cheating on you.

Jelq Exercise - The 5 Steps For Jelqing

How to make your penis bigger in as little time as possible? This is the one question that every penis male enlargement enthusiast wants an answer to. This article will talk about some of the most com