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Custom Wedding Gifts & Plates

Show the future Mr. and Mrs. how much you care by ordering a customized wedding gift. Plates are both a practical and artful choice because custom plates can serve food and stand on display for decoration in the couple's home. Custom gifts the couple can use at their wedding also make a...

Birthday Gifts for the Boss

Birthday gifts for people at work can present a touchy situation; but none quite as touchy as that of giving a gift to the boss. The gift's type, value and presentation must be handled with discretion and should be based on a few simple factors. A combination of protocol and relationship must be con

How to Write a Semi-Formal Wedding Invitation

You've decided that your wedding ceremony will be a semi-formal occasion, so your invitations should match this level of formality. This style of wedding invitations is not as refined as a formal invite, but has a little more structure than a casual invitation. A semi-formal invitation's format help

2008 Wedding Trends - Letterpress Invitations

A wedding invitation is the earliest hint your guests will receive about your wedding. It sets the tone for your event. It gets guests enthused and makes them look forward to your big day. Letterpress invitations will be especially in vogue for 2008 weddings, with couples designing their own unique

Western Wedding Favors

If you are planning a Wild West theme for your wedding then you a probably looking for some guest wedding favors to match. Many couples these days are planning Western-style weddings as they are lots ...

Youth Birthday Activities

Birthday cakebirthday celebration image by Liz Van Steenburgh from Fotolia.comBirthday parties are much easier to put together for little ones who are happy to Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Break the Piñata. Older children may be less enthusiastic about those games. Coming up with...

Four Fun Color Ideas For Your Wedding's Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dresses are often usually made in relatively plain colors. This is fine, as in general bridesmaids don't want to steal the bride's thunder. However, for informal and personalized weddings, bridesmaids can still wear colorful dresses and that's the right thing for the occasi

Wedding Blessing Etiquette

If you're planning to have a wedding blessing in order to further confirm your commitment, it's best to keep a few rules of etiquette in mind. Being aware of the courtesies that are associated with a wedding blessing will ensure that you and your guests are able to appreciate the s

Birthday Party Games for Children of Age Four for Family Fun

A family birthday party means fun!birthday party image by Liz Van Steenburgh from Fotolia.comA birthday party is big event in the life of a child, especially a child as young as 4. Using a few guidelines, the party can be a big hit. Remember to keep the guest list short for young guests:...

How to Host a Masquerade Ball

Masquerade balls used to be extremely popular in the times of Shakespeare. Nowadays, these costume parties are less prevalent, but still fun. The distinguishing feature of one of these balls is that the guests wear masks to disguise their identity. Consider hosting a masquerade ball for the next par

How to Word Baby Shower Cards

Designing cards for invitations to a baby shower for yourself or for a friend can be a fun and challenging project. There are many options, and it can be difficult to know exactly which rules of etiquette to follow for modern baby showers. You should follow etiquette for age, gender, formality and l

Places for a Party

When planning a party, finding the right location is essential. With the right venue and suitable decorations, you can create the perfect atmosphere for your party. Whether hosting a party for your young child, having a cocktail party, or celebrating your parents 50th wedding anniversary, there are

Best Man Toasts - Help With Best Man Toasts

Best man toasts are always a very important part of the wedding reception. It is normally expected of the best man to give a speech in a lighter tone than, for instance, the father of the bride. The best man speech normally ends with a toast to the groom and bride. Best man toasts can really make or

How to Ask for Wedding Presents

Gifts go hand in hand with weddings, as the joining of two lives is something to celebrate. However, since some family members and other guests may not appreciate being asked to purchase a specific gift, a way to receive the things you need or want is to create a wedding registry. This allows frien

Ideas for a Silver Wedding Reception

Dress up your wedding reception with silver.Wedding bouquet the bride on background of wedding dress image by Aliaksandr Zabudzko from Fotolia.comSilver is a popular color for winter weddings. It adds a festive touch to any decor and it looks attractive when paired with cool colors....

Post-Wedding Memories

What should you do with your wedding dress after the wedding? Bridal preservation is one of the most popular options amongst brides today, and here's why...