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How to Fix Jacket Zippers

Jackets typically have tooth zippers. This simply means that they have plastic teeth. A #5 is a normal, medium-sized zipper for a jacket. If you are making your own jacket, you can purchase a zipper at any fabric or craft store. You can also replace the zipper on a store-bought jacket. Zippers can b

How to Remove Dimethicone From Hair

Dimethicone is a non-water soluble substance belonging to the simethicone/silicon family. Dimethicone is contained in numerous hair care products to add texture and shine, and to control "the frizzies." There is a price to be paid for the illusion of healthy hair, however. Over time, a buildup of di

How to Remove Paint From Glasses

For people who wear eyeglasses, few things are worse than having dirty lenses that prevent you from seeing through them. Even worse is having lenses covered with something difficult to remove, such as paint. Paint can't just be wiped from eyeglasses like other liquids, and once it dries the task get

Healthy, Natural Ways to Look 10 Years Younger

You don't have to go under the knife or spend money on botox treatments in order to look ten years younger. Instead, make a few lifestyle changes and start treating yourself with a little TLC and you will be amazed at the results. Things such as sleep, diet, exercise and more play a huge role i

Video: Tips on How to Wear Headbands With Bangs

Video Transcript Hi, we are the Medina Cardona sisters, owner of 3 Hair Makeup in Los Angeles. Today, we're going to demonstrate some how to wear headbands with bangs. Previously I blow dried her hair, I flat ironed the bangs and now what I'm going to do is I'm going to divide her hair...

How to Use Bronzer on Dark Skin

Light-skinned women wear bronzer to create a suntanned look. However, many dark-skinned women assume a bronzer is not useful for them. They overlook the opportunity to define and highlight their facial features, particularly cheekbones. These steps provide a guideline to use bronzer with standard bl

How to Make a Multitier Wrap Skirt

Multitier wrap skirts appeal to those who are looking for a peasant, bohemian or Gypsy look. These skirts need to drape to enhance the body and can be worn by all figure types. A multitier skirt is a way of using up pieces of material you have or of recycling fabric from dresses you no longer wear.

How to Stop a Glasses Nose Piece From Digging In

Glasses are practically a life changer for people who have sight problems. You get older and all of a sudden you can't see up close anymore. Or you're near sighted all your life. Either way, you become attached to your glasses in a way that people who have no vision problems cannot understand. But w

How to Embellish an Umbrella

Turn a dark rainy day upside down by decorating an umbrella into a bright and cheery accessory. This crafty exercise allows you to be as creative and imaginative as you would like. Decorate more than one umbrella to have different styles on hand. The results will make your umbrella stand out in a cr

How to Look Slim

Does this make me look fat? While your spouse may roll their eyes when you ask that question, it's actually a valid query. Certain styles and colour will draw attention to pudgy areas, while others will give our bodies more flow, allowing us to look slimmer.

Six Reasons Why Candela Lasers Are Best For Hair Care Removal

Candela has been a name synonymous with the elite in laser hair removal equipment for many years. They first introduced the GentleYag technology in the 90's and continue to use that same technology in the new laser equipment they sell today.

How to Organize a Closet for Work

Have you ever had those mornings when you just cannot seem to find anything to wear in your closet? Or are there so many things jammed in there that you cannot seem to find something that fits or looks good? I've been there. Fear not, the simple tips below can help you in organizing your closet for

How to Knit a Spiral Scarf With a Circular Needle

When you are making a basic knit scarf, two standard knitting needles will allow you to finish your project. However, instead of two standard knitting needles, you can use a circular knitting needle to make a tubular scarf. This allows the scarf to be double the thickness, and enables you to use a v

How to Do 40s Ringlets

A signature style of the 1940s was the ringlet curl, also called the pin curl. Women spent hours rolling, pinning and styling to achieve the loose, flowing curls. Today with modern hair styling tools, the look can come together much faster. A curling iron could be used for this, but the end resul