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Everyone Loves Summer... Or Do They?

Everyone complains about Summer. They're always complaining about the unbearable heat, or lack of it. But then, people complain about Winter too. Nothing is good enough for us, is it?

Flannel Duvet Cover and Other Winter Accessories

I don't know about you, but I really look forward to winter. I enjoy the cold and the snow, and think there's nothing better in this world than getting a fire going in the fireplace and curling up on the couch with a hot mug of coffee in my hands as I settle in to watch television. What a

How to Wire a Lamp From the Light Switch

You can wire a lamp from the light switch creating a convenient way to turn on a light in a room when you have no overhead lighting and no ceiling access to install it. Rather than stumble over the furniture trying to reach a lamp, you can simply flick a switch when you enter a room. As long as you

How to Size Commercial Electric Service

The size of a commercial electrical service specifies its capacity for transferring energy. This value depends on two values related to the electric flow. Voltage describes the force that drives the electricity and the amount of energy that each unit of electric charge carries. Current describes the

How to Install a Drive Belt on a GE Top-Load Washer

GE top-load washing machines come in a range of styles and capacities, each model with its own distinct set of features. The motor inside each model connects to a drive belt. The drive belt runs on a pair of pulleys that help control the movement of the agitator and the washer tub. A broken drive be

The Basics of Electrical Wiring

Most notably, while utilizing residential electrical wiring doesn't forget one essential saying "Electricity can kill." It is vital you fully respect it when focusing on electrical wiring in your home.

Electric Garage Heaters - How to Install it Properly

Electric garage heaters are the best choice if you consider heating large areas that are not properly insulated. Most people choose the electric heaters to heat up a five hundred square feet area room. This type of heater is versatile when it comes to placement. It is usually mounted on ceilings and

How to Fix a Refrigerator Freezer

When you think of your refrigerator, you probably can't think of the last time you needed to troubleshoot or repair it. Refrigerators are highly reliable. Without proper care however, it is likely your refrigerator-freezer will fail. Without regular defrosting and cleaning the freezer, which already

How to Select a Power Strip

Wall outlets are subjects to constant fluctuations in voltage and power. These fluctuations include brownouts, sudden drops in power, as well as surges, sudden spikes in the voltage. Both of these conditions can damage electronics such as computers. Computers are especially vulnerable to data loss d

Reliable Radiant Floor Heating Systems

A reliable heating system is just around the corner and all you have to do is take a quick look at radiant floor heating systems. These systems are just the ticket for you to enjoy a warm home at a reasonable cost with very little maintenance required.

How to Measure a Dishwasher When Installing a Dishwasher for an Opening

When installing an under-counter dishwasher, you need to measure the opening before you go to the store and purchase the dishwasher you want to use. Although many dishwashers are relatively close in shape and size, if you purchase a dishwasher that's too large for your opening, you will not be able

HVAC - History and Importance

Have you ever wondered what the term HVAC means? What about the history of HVAC? In this article, I'll provide a brief definition and history of HVAC as well as suggest some basic applications thereof, including health issues and energy usage.

Recycling Tips & Facts

With the world's resources depleting faster every day, everyone knows it's important to recycle. But not everyone knows what is recyclable. Instead of just throwing everything into the regular trash, where it will inevitably end up in a landfill, follow these tips and go green in your everyday life.

How to Install TV Wall Mounts

What an exciting feeling! That is, knowing you have just bought a brand new, beautiful television for your house or business. Now the key is getting the television attached to the wall in a safe and secure manner, and in order to do that you need to know precisely how to install TV wall mounts. Here

Repair Your Boilers In Time To Save Money, Time And Lives!

Boilers are an essential need of every household without which you cannot hope to survive the harsh winters. To keep your home warm and comfy, you must make sure that the boiler is in a fine working condition. Its regular servicing is essential to maintain its heating as well as fuel efficiency.

How to Use Dry Ice to Cool a Refrigerator

When a refrigerator stops cooling, you must take action to prevent the contents from spoiling. Dry ice chills the interior of your refrigerator faster than traditional ice, and you won't have a puddle in the bottom of your refrigerator, since dry ice turns to carbon dioxide gas as it sublimes. Only

Choosing The Right Heating System For Your Home

There are many things to consider when choosing a new heating system for your home. One of the first things to consider is if you actually need a new system or can your current system be repaired. Many people have made the costly mistake of replacing their entire heating system when a small repair w

Instructions for Installing a Garbage Disposal

One of the handier inventions of the 20th century is the garbage disposal. This is an appliance that is installed underneath the drain of your kitchen sink and chops up food waste into small bits that can be dumped down the drain without clogging it. Installing a new garbage disposal can be a tricky

Heating Systems For The Contemporary Home Systems

When snow falls outside the windows of your home, heating systems seem to be a blessing. These systems are used in houses and industries for heating purposes as well as for other working purposes.