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The Best Way to Clean Suede

Suede is a challenge to keep clean and stain free. Unlike other fabrics that can easily be exposed to moisture, suede is prone to water stains. In addition, the soft, uneven texture of suede can more easily collect grime deep inside its nap. For those who wish to avoid expensive dry cleaning bills,

How to Repair a Vulcanized Rubber Suit

For diving, a vulcanized rubber dry suit has many appealing characteristics, including that these suits dry quickly and are easy to repair. When a suit is damaged, you can send it out for repair, but you can repair a suit yourself as well. Many suits are sold with a repair kit, which is the easiest

How do I Clean: Vinegar to Water Ratio?

It's not necessary to purchase expensive or harsh chemical cleaning products when you have white distilled vinegar. Vinegar's high acidity effectively destroys germs, mold and bacteria. It removes hard water buildup from glass windows and bathroom fixtures. Use vinegar full strength, or in conjuncti

How to Remove Gum From Plastic

Chewing gum can be a nuisance when it ends up on the plastic floor mats in the car, on the furniture or just about anywhere it doesn't belong. While it can be a sticky mess, chewing gum can be easily removed from most surfaces, especially plastic. A few simple steps will banish the gum in no time.

How to Build a Grill Out of a Gallon Drum

Barbecuing is as American as apple pie. Often, the smaller grills you buy aren't big enough for those family get-togethers and Fourth of July parties. Building your own grill out of a steel drum will provide you with plenty of room for cooking smoky-flavored summer fare. Done right, these homemade g

How to Environmentally Mop a Tile Floor

Keeping your tile floor clean is an important part of maintaining the condition of the tile, as well as keeping your home clean and sanitary. While there are many commercial tile floor cleaners available, the majority of these cleaners contain chemicals. When you use these cleaners you are exposed t

How to Paint Distressed Furniture an Antique White

With age comes beauty, and distressed furniture can add beautiful antique appeal to your home. With the mottled and damaged look of older wood furniture, painting can be a challenging task. But a lot of sanding and multiple applications of paint will create a pleasing antique-white piece that will

How to Make a Weed-and-Feed Lawn Care

It is easy to go to the local gardening or hardware store and purchase weed-and-feed lawn care, but why bother when you can make one at home for a fraction of the price? Consisting of ingredients you might be surprised at, you can make your weed-and-feed lawn care in just a few minutes. Spraying you

How to Remove Water Stains from Andersen Windows

Andersen windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate most home needs. Windows become stained from rain water that is left to evaporate on the surface. Hard water spots form from minerals in the water, leaving white residue that sticks to the glass. Heat from the sun's rays burns the

How to Remove Odors From Dresser Drawers

Foul smelling dresser drawers can leave your clothing smelling less than desirable. There is no point in pulling fresh smelling clothes from the dryer and putting them right into a drawer that will over power the clean fabric with an unpleasant odor. Review suggestions for eliminating foul odors and

How to Clean the Outside of a Canvas Awning

When you have an awning on the exterior of your home, it can either create an attractive outdoor addition when properly cared for, or quickly dull the appearance of your home when you do not keep the awning clean. Bird droppings, dirt, pollen, mildew and other outdoor weathering elements are some of

How Do I Remove Old Exterior Paint?

Exterior paints are often used to define and improve the architectural features and appearances of homes. Temperature fluctuations, humidity and weathering cause exterior paints to blister, crack and eventually peel off wood. Many homeowners remove old exterior paints for appearance and restoration

Homemade Laundry Detergent Powder

Making your own laundry detergent powder allows you to control the amount of chemicals that enter your home. Homemade laundry products are fast and easy to make -- it takes about 10 minutes to make a batch that will wash a hundred loads of laundry.

How to Remove Latex Paint from Carpet

That "oops" you heard during that painting project in the other room is bad news - latex paint can ruin a carpet. Act fast or you may have to permanently place a potted plant in that stained spot.

How to Clean a Filthy Room

It happens gradually -- the steady, slow accumulation of cobwebs, dust, old clothes, empty boxes and piles of paper you've been meaning to file. You might also find old newspapers, toys and a wet bathing suit that never got hung out to dry. Before you know it, the room is filthy. You can't find anyt

How to Get Rust Out of a Tempered Pizza Pan

Tempered steel pizza pans are often coated with a thin layer of tin to inhibit rust. If that layer wears away after years of use, or if it was never tin-coated in the first place, the pizza pan is susceptible to rusting. Rust can stick to food, so it's never a good idea to ignore it.

Household Tips for Removing Burned Food Odors From the Home

Don't forget about the pot on your stove.p?¡étes 7 image by Nathalie P from Fotolia.comBurnt foods will not only set off the smoke alarm, but they also will fill your home with an unpleasant odor that can last for days after the initial incident. The burnt odor can become absorbed into...

How to Remove Cigarette Odor From Carpet

Walls and flooring are two areas that best absorb odors, so cigarette odors can quickly absorb into carpet. Once cigarette odors absorb into carpet, the entire room will reek of cigarette smoke. This can be frustrating if you are not a smoker or do not enjoy the odor of cigarettes. Before you call a