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Ranbir College Sangrur

Affiliated to Punjabi University, Government Ranbir College Sangrur is one of the eminent and big colleges of Punjab state. The College is near to Kali Devi temple on the Sangrur Patiala Road outside the Sangrur ...

Essential German Grammar: A 5-Minute Crash Course on German Verbs

German verbs are perhaps the most complex topic of all German grammar. However, since learning the grammar rules is one of the quickest ways of improving your ability to speak German, you should be eager to jump in and learn how to use them! In this article, we reveal the essential aspects of using

Advantages and Disadvantages of Expository Text

An expository text discusses an idea based on factual data. The writing style is clear and concise while building toward a concluding argument. Examples of expository texts include most writing assignments for school and college students, driving directions, cooking instructions, and "how to&qu

Universities Offering Project Management Courses

The field of project management involves the process of taking an idea from the very first brainstorming and creation session all the way through its completion and analysis. Those in the project management field develop project plans, oversee project personnel, select and follow budgets,...

Behavior Checklist for the Classroom

Create a behavior checklist to improve classroom management and inspire student image by alwayspp from Fotolia.comClassroom management plays an important role in student success from elementary grade levels to high school. According to the National Education Association,...

A Career In Electronics

One of the most common career that individuals start today is the electrical business, and with so many different training courses and apprenticeship's, it makes it easy for someone who wants to get into the business to get started. With the shortage of good electrical workers all over the worl

How to Make Your Own Newspaper

A handmade newspaper doesn't require a lot of computer know-how. You can lay it out the old-fashioned way with scissors and glue, then take it to the printer. This system works well for a classroom newspaper, where the writing and even the design become lessons. A family newspaper works in lieu of a


A picture of the feathered dinosaur Archaeopteryx.

World Wildlife Fund: Where Have All those Animals Gone; Long Time Coming?

The World Wildlife Fund continues to support research and other activities that will prevent the extinctions of plant and animal species. They focus on the larger species because that automatically protects other "umbrella" species. Give some dough to WWF. You will know that you are protec

Environmental Science Lessons for Kids

Teaching kids about environmental science lends several teaching topics, including water quality, air pollution, the food chain, the human impact on the environment, erosion, resource management, habitat requirements and animal adaptations. Teaching environmental science lessons can also help educat

Summer Holiday Project Ideas for Teachers

Summer break is here, it's time for some creative reload for students. It's the best time for teachers to spark up creative fire in children by assigning them summer projects.

Aging Gracefully by Pamela Holtzman

The middle-age and older population of the world is growing very rapidly! In the coming years they will represent nearly half of the population. We must pay attention! LIVE LONG €" LIVE HEALTHY! The vast ...

Help in Solving Math Constraints

On the surface, math constraints can look very confusing. However, if you break down what you already know, and apply a few rules to the procedure, you'll be able to solve math constraints easily. An understanding of what the various functions mean is also helpful. If you have information about what

Multiple Intelligence Theory by Gardner

"The capacity to solve problems or to fashion products that are valued in one or more cultural setting", -this is how intelligence was defined by Gardner. His theory of multiple intelligence's originated from cultural as ...

Proofreading Services Made Easy

Proofreading services help students structure their essays as expected by their tutors. We are the best academic writing company that offers professional and quality services to clients.

Patient Care Technician Programs

Patient care technician programs train students to work with nurses, physicians and a number of other health care workers to provide services to patients in a variety of health care settings. A patient care technician (PCT) is a type of nursing assistant who spends his or her time working directly w