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Princess Birthday Decorations

For your little princess' next birthday party, create a princess-themed party space for her and her friends with a pink and purple color scheme, sparkly decorations and soft fabrics.

Thanksgiving- Let’s All Raise a Toast

This article talks about the importance of Thanksgiving in America and the reasons for its celebration as a national holiday. Also mentioned in the article are things people do on this day.

Valentines Day Chocoloate Suggestions to Impress that Special Date

With cherubs, hearts and candy of all flavors presented in red and pink; Valentines Day breaks up the monotony of a long winter. While snow piles up outside many a northern window sill, February 14th is a welcome diversion rather than an overly sentimental holiday.

"Cat-chy" Halloween Costume

With the introduction of Cat Woman in the hit comics Batman, it is no wonder that many have seen this character as an epitome of sexy.Brought to life by Michelle Pfeifer and Halle Berry, this character's reputation seem to have been taken into new heights.

Luau Party Menu Ideas

At your luau party, serve delicious Hawaiian food.pineapple and lei image by William Berry from Fotolia.comThemed parties are great fun. In addition to making sure the music and decorations fit your theme, you can also use food that fits the occasion. For example, for a Fourth of July...

How to Make Your Own Halloween Monster

Make a life-sized monster to add to the spooky Halloween decorations in your home or front yard. Use a full body costume of any kind, like a werewolf or a swamp monster or whatever kind of monster you want lurking around your Halloween party. Besides the Halloween costume, you only need a few more m

Father Firefighter Gifts

Honor your firefighting father with a special gift.firefighter and flames 2 image by Tino Hemmann from Fotolia.comIf your father is a firefighter, then give him a gift that honors his profession to honor the critical work he does every day to save people's lives. Firefighters work long...

Zombie Makeup Ideas That Are Not Gory

From "The Night of the Living Dead" to the "Resident Evil" video games, you can see zombiesalmost everywhere in popular culture. Most of these zombies are studies in gore, each one trying to out-gross the last. If you need a zombie for a children's show or other event where gore is not an option, th

Yorkie Lover Gifts

Yorkies rank high in the American Kennel Club's popular dog list.yorkie portrait image by LynnMarie from Fotolia.comThe small Yorkshire Terrier dog, also known as a Yorkie, captures the hearts of men, women and children. In 2009 the American Kennel Club named the Yorkshire terrier the...

Batman Halloween Costumes Ideas - 2 Classic Favorites That Never Go Stale

Dark Knight, the latest Batman film and also one of the most remarkable, has reinforced in us an even more lasting impression of the DC Comics superhero and the host of villains that try to conquer him. The Joker, among others, is one of the most memorable, all thanks to the late Heath Ledger's

How to Dress Like Dorothy for Halloween

There are so many timeless characters that can easily be made into Halloween costumes at home, and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz is one of the most beloved. With just a few key accessories and pigtails, your child will be on her way down the yellow brick road in search of loads of candy.

Gifts for Young Couples

From holidays to anniversaries, you can choose from a range of gift ideas for any gifts. image by L. Shat from Fotolia.comWhether you're planning to purchase a wedding, anniversary or holiday gift, surprising a young couple with a gift is a gracious way of...

Steigern Sie Ihre Fitness Im Urlaub Beim Schneeschuhwandern In Sdtirol!

Bringen Sie sich diesen Winter in Form und verbessern Sie Ihre Kondition beim Schneeschuhwandern in Südtirol! Überrascht? Versuchen Sie es selbst! Die bergige, mit Schnee bedeckte Landschaft spornt zu Bestleistungen an. - Und selbst nach so viel Arbeit möchte man immer noch mehr, da d

How to Make Homemade Ladders for Your Parakeet

Parakeets, also called Budgies, are popular pets because they are playful, friendly and easy to keep. These birds are very intelligent and like to stay busy, so they require a wide assortment of toys and perches in their cages. If you want to keep your parakeet happy and healthy, provide it with a v

How to Huddle for Warmth

In an emergency where you suddenly find yourself battling to conserve body heat, huddling together may make the difference between life and death. By sharing body heat and getting as close to your companions as possible, you can increase warmth and your chance of survival. Huddle for warmth when you

How to Make Graduation Party Invitations to Print

Save money by making your own graduation party invitations to print out at home. Many websites offer free, printable graduation party invitation templates that you can download or copy and paste. Design your own invitation or choose a template you like. You can make black-and-white invitations if yo

How to Make a Fondant Freesia

Freesias feature small, trumpet-shaped flowers in rows on long, drooping stalks. These sweet-smelling flowers range in color from white, orange and yellow, to red and pink or lavender and fuchsia. If you're looking for an elegant, delicate flower for decorating a cake, the freesia fits the bill. Fon