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What is a wildlife sanctuary?

People often hear the phrase 'wildlife sanctuary'. However, they do not know what exactly that means. In this article, I am going to tell you a little bit more about wildlife sanctuaries.

What Happens When Civil Courts Close?

Closing civil courts completely, or to add Draconian delays to civil court procedures, is not rational. Courts are not parks or libraries. Court access is required by law, and required for society to function properly. Without timely performance from civil courts, some people may operate outside the

The Many Interests and Topics in Magazines

Whether you want variety or special interest, magazines provide it all. The world wide web might seem like it's on the way to replacing magazines, but that's just not happening anytime soon. Glossy photos and in-depth coverage of every topic imaginable delivered to your door on the cheap i

Humans are Much More Honest in the Beginning of the Week!

Once I had a friend who was a Los Angeles County Sheriff and he told me that Sunday until about 1:00 pm there was absolutely no crime in the city. Why? Well all the criminals were with their families at church in the morning and then about 1:00 the calls started to come in. These calls got progressi

Anti-American Third World Media Propaganda Considered

Perhaps, you haven't been watching but many rogue nations and Third World countries have decided to nationalize all media. Their leaders, many of them socialists have taken over the media to ensure that everything that goes on the radio or TV or into the newspapers is of their liking, which sup

Who Is Standing in the Gap for Me

In the early and late eighties, I seriously questioned whether our nation could fight and win a world war like the Greatest Generation did during World War II. I knew that I, and the friends I grew up with, would all step up if called, but we were all getting past that prime age and physical conditi

Good and evil are oriented toward inevitable finality

What is good and evil? Why should there be good and evil? Where do these two motivations, or rather impetuses, come from? Why should we spend a life torn between the two tendencies?Good and evil are i

Uncertainty Reduction of Global Warming

People, should all take responsibility for climate change no matter what roles we play in society, and we need new technology and natural energy to maintain our daily activities. We can continue to ga

To Value a Life

Humans, the most destructive animals on the planet, the most powerful animals on the planet.A question which many ponder, and many do not – 'Is a human life worth more than that of another animal?'

Switch Energy Suppliers to Go Green

In this article we examine the different green companies available in the UK and the reasons why you should consider switching to a green energy supplier.

The Hazards of Street Performing

A couple of years ago I was street performing in Miami Beach Florida and found out just what a dangerous way to make a living this can be. I was beat to the ground by the Police and spent 26 days in the County Jail. Unlike the song by the Clash,I fought the law and I won, but it didn't feel lik

Crime Scene Forensics - Studying Soil Samples

Soil is not just plain dirt.It is a conglomerate of several things.They include minerals, plants, animal matter, and tiny particulates of synthetic products like glass, paint, asphalt, cement, and other things.The contents of soil are not uniform wherever you go.They differ from one place to another