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A Foolproof Plan to Finding Your Match

If you are the kind of person who has given up on dating, you might not like the advice that comes next. But that is why you should read it. You are probably sick of bad dates and relationships that do not work out, but the truth about finding a match is that it has everything to do with quantity. T

Can Sex With a Younger Woman Prevent Aging

As man ages there is a general wear and tear of the body. However the ancient Hindu texts advocate sex with a younger partner for better health and longevity. A long time ago some of the ancient writers on sex like Vatsyayna advocated a sexual relationship with a younger partner for a man as a recip

Birth Control And Libido

The term libido in common use means sexual desire. Doctors consider a drop in libido to be a sexual dysfunction and treat it as a medical condition. Drop in libido is sometimes linked to decreases in naturally produced testosterone, a condition which occurs both in both men and women or estrogen in

Date or Soul Mate? - What a Tough Decision?

Are you the type that thinks you should be single for your entire life and date around or are you the type that knows you want love and a soul mate?Most of us know we want love even if we have tricked ourselves into thinking that we don't.Would you rather find a date or soul mate?Here are three

What Chat Rooms Is All About

Being apart thousands of miles away is never a waterloo this computer age. With the emergence of high-technology bringing you the best and amazing services, there will never be a problem to talk and communicate ...

Some Dating Advice for Men

Adult dating is among the most complex factors a man will ever do in his lifestyle. Some of the men may be willing up to now or their family members but a issue comes in ...