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India Inspired Bedroom Themes & Ideas

The artistic sensibilities of Indian fine art and folk art arise from thousands or years of cultural upheaval. The country's design themes show influences of their Asian neighbors, periods of control by Greeks, Islamic conquerors, and English colonists, and the iconic religious motifs of Hinduism. A

Black Tulips

Do you think a picture of black tulips truly exists, I mean blooms that are really dark? Well, here's such a photo, although the flowers are really just a deep purple color.

Office Interior Design With New Ideas

Interior designer worked as a facilitator, scheduling and coordinating the activities, while supervising the quality of various vendors. The interior designer now even offered comprehensive design solutions with alternatives to their clients. They are served ...

Storage Ideas for Bedrooms

Bedrooms do not always come equipped with adequate storage for the items that may be needed. With a little extra work and a few supplies, extra storage space can be created in any bedroom, no matter how small.

Victorian Era Style Room By Room

A lot of us dream of being able to decorate our homes in exactly the styles that may make us drool when we see them in magazines. But, when you factor in family, the style you like might just be a bit overwhelming for them to deal with, especially in every room. So, let your imagination fly, on a sm

Housing Remodel Ideas

It's important to remodel a house every three to five years, so that upgrades will support its market value. Any house can start to go downhill if improvements are not initiated periodically. In fact, repairs that involve water leakage in attic areas or foundational cracks may cause almost irrepara

10 Simple Ways to Make Your House a Home

A lot of 'home improvement' shows concentrate on making your house look like a 'show-home', stylish but lacking personality, style and comfort. A house as a show piece to be admired. I see a home as somewhere to build your future and celebrate your past and present. My suggestion

Teenage Bedroom Tips

Your teen's bedroom design doesn't have to be a battleteen peek image by robert mobley from Fotolia.comTeenagers use their bedrooms to express their individuality and developing sense of self. Although parents may not be thrilled at the prospect of movie, music or sports posters...